Construction   2-Element (0,15m)    3-Element (0,80m 4-Element (1,00m)
4-Element (1,25m) 4-Element (1,50m)   5-Element (2,00m) 6-Element (2,60m)

4-Element-12.5-Ohm-2m-Yagi for SSB/CW 

Boom 1,25m

F/B > 20dB, stacking distance 2,10m

Short data for a single Yagi and vertically stacked Yagis:

  Gain 3dB hor 3dB ver
1x4 El 8,2dBd 51,4 65,4
2x4 El 11,0dBd 51,6 25,0
4x4 El 14,0dBd 51,8 12,0


Ref Rad D1 D2
0mm 260mm 720mm 1245mm


Diameter Ref Rad  D1 D2
4mm 1036mm 972mm (6mm) 955mm 934mm
6mm 1032mm 973mm (6mm) 945mm 924mm
8mm 1030mm 968mm (8mm) 937mm 916mm

Horizontal and vertical pattern for a single Yagi at 144,3MHz

Vertical patterns for stacked Yagis (4 over4 and 4 over 4 over 4 over 4) at 144,3MHz, gain without stacking losses for cables and connections