Construction   2-Element (0,15m)    3-Element (0,80m 4-Element (1,00m)
4-Element (1,25m) 4-Element (1,50m)   5-Element (2,00m) 6-Element (2,60m)

6-Element-12.5-Ohm-2m-Yagi for SSB/CW 

Boom 2,60m

Gain 10,2dBd, F/B > 25dB, stacking distance 2,85m

The gain for the stacked Yagis is without losses for the stacking harness!

Here some pictures of the Brazil Japy DX-Group with the 6-Ele-12,5Ohm on the Pico da Bandeira, 3rd highest peak of Brazil, 2891 m ASL. Tnx photos to Flávio, PY2ZX. Click to enlarge!



The stacked array 4x12,5-Ohm-Yagis

Contest station  F8KTH

The antennas were built by

Joel, F6JMT


Details about the construction:

Link to F8KTH

  Gain 3dB hor 3dB ver
1x6 El 10,25dBd 42,0° 48,2°
2x6 El 13,1dBd 42,6° 19,6°
4x6 El 16,0dBd 42,8° 9,4°


Ref Rad D1 D2 D3 D4
0mm 215mm 625mm 1280mm 2010mm 2580mm


Diameter Ref Rad (10mm) D1 D2 D3 D4
6mm 1030mm 971mm  944mm 922mm 921mm 901mm
8mm 1028mm 971mm  936mm 914mm 912mm 893mm
10mm 1026mm 971mm 930mm 908mm 904mm 886mm

The currents in the elements show a very good profile (EZNEC+4)

Horizontal pattern (0dB=10,28dBd)

Vertical pattern (0dB=10,28dBd)

2 Yagis stacked vertically with 2,85m

Vertical pattern (0dB=13,4dBd)

4 Yagis stacked vertically with 2,85m

Vertical pattern (0dB=16,51dBd)

Gain of the stacked arrays without losses in cables and splitters!