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February 2001
ham radio tools 15k Calculation of distance and beam direction from locators. A fast program for the DOS command line (V1.1). 360k APRS vector map of Berlin/Brandenburg for XASTIR and WinAPRS with coordinates in WGS84 format. Preliminary version... (V1.10 - 31.12.00) 6k PIC16F84 firmware for an APRS interface (like TinyTrak) for generating Packet Radio signals from GPS data (V1.60 - 22.01.01).
  TTConf12.tgz 26k Perl/Tk script for configuration of parameters for the TinyTrak APRS interface. (V1.2 - 25.02.01). 500k CAT program for DOS resp. DOS-window. Control of different ham transceivers, eg. FT-890. Connection to a DX cluster via packet radio. This program will be uploaded after a redesign.
GPS tools 5k A collection of DOS batch files for up- and downloading data to and from a GPS-II+ with the help of G7TO. Using text files for storage and Navigate GPS for displaying tracks or editing routes.
  chktrack.tgz 2k A Perl script for processing tracklog files. It calculates the maximum values uses in a track log (top, bottom, left, right). It determines the names of all tracklog files with positions that fall into a given area (e.g. inside a map). (V1.00 - 11.06.99)
  dcf77d.tgz 14k DCF-77 daemon for Linux. A corrected version (V1.01) of the software from Joerg Krause. DCF-77 is a standard time transmitter in Germany on a frequency of 77.5kHz.
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