August 1997

Here are a few pictures from Boston, where I visited a friend, who worked in Cambridge in summer of 1997. First I also wanted to visit the Dayton Hamvention, but then the date wasn't conveniant. I found my stay in the States very interesting. In our country we are simply not used to certain things, e.g. friendly serving in shops and restaurants, or taking a meal at a restaurant, without being constantly troubled by smokers. We surely could learn something from them, even if we must not adopt everything   

Public Garden View from southwest at the Public Garden and the Boston Common, a green oasis in the heart of the city. On the left is Beacon Hill, in the background the city center with the financial district. At the upper contour on the right one can suspect the Boston Logan Airport on an island. At the upper left contour is Cambridge, there is the MIT and Harvard University.

Boston View from northwest at Boston from Cambridge over the Charles River. The blue skyscraper, the Hancock Tower, simply doesn't fit into the camera, if one stands in front of it  Smiley.

The whole time I had good weather, I used the three days with over 90°F and almost 100% humidity to drive with an air-conditioned rented car to the north. I had my GPS receiver, a power inverter and my Toshiba notebook with me, so I couldn't get lost. After all, in three days I travelled 1000 miles, first through Massachusetts to the north up to the Arcadia National Park in Maine. From there to the west over the route 2 through New Hampshire to Vermont. On my way I was surprised to still see some snow on the summits of the White Mountains. I first had planned an excursion to Berlin, New Hampshire, which then had to be canceled. With the long distances and the low speed limits compared to our standards I had pretty much miscalculated the necessary time. On the third day it was off to Burlington at the Lake Champlain in Vermont and from there back again to Boston via the Interstate. There didn't remain much time for resting and sightseeing, but the trip was very impressing. One could easyly spend several weeks in this area.

Again a view from Cambridge. In the right half of the scene one can see Back Bay with its old buildings of bricks with many small shops, and behind it the Prudential Tower.

Boston skyline
And here a view at the skyline of Boston from the Atlantic.

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