Delmarva Amateur
 Radio Club

The Delmarva Amateur Radio Club is located in Salisbury, Maryland. Dedicated to preserving radio operating techniques, exploring new methods for communication, and providing communication capability for hams on Delmarva, the club has 45 members and operates and maintains the K3DRC 146.82- repeater. The antenna is located at the 825 foot level on the WMDT Channel 47 tower near Salisbury and provides coverage for the entire Delmarva Peninsula. A general-topic net is run on Monday nights at 9:00 pm. The repeater's tone access is turned off during the net and all hams are welcome to check in. For information on how to join the Delmarva Amateur Radio Club send e-mail to John Willmuth, NQ4Q or write:

Delmarva Amateur Radio Club K3DRC                    
P.O. Box 1483                                                                 
Salisbury, Maryland 21802.1483
[email protected]

D.A.R.C. Upcoming Events - Volunteer Opportunities to Club Meetings and Area Hamfests.

Delmarva Amateur Radio Club Images - See pictures of our antenna and people of our club.

D.A.R.C. Repeater Location and Coverage - Images detailing where the repeater is and the coverage.

D.A.R.C. Officers for 2011 - Newly Elected Delmarva Amateur Radio Club Officers.

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Delmarva Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 1483
Salisbury, Maryland 21802.1483
[email protected]