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All you see is all you can get !! All ifnormation about CT3, Contests, activities etc.


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CQ WW SSB 2003

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Here are some Photos from my activities, specially from the Madeira Team HQ in Santo da Serra.

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New Year's Fireworks in CT3. Just amazing. Its one the hours that never will get me on the Radio hihi !!

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CT3EE - Luis during the Barcelona Olympics  Contest                    In my SHACK                            In my QRL

                             -   in  CT3BX QTH                                                                                 


The CONTEST QTH of Madeira Team in Santo da Serra        CT3EE,CT3KU,CT3IQ,CT3EN,CT3IA,CT3DL,CT1DIZCT1BOP and


CT3BD on the Multies                    His son Miguel - CT3IA


          CT3HK             CT3KU                 CT1BOP     CT3DL IN THE CQ9S EXPEDITION    CT3EE, AND CT3EN Operating 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               CQ9K CQWWSSB2000

                      Pictures of the Madeira Team Contest QTH                  



In these pictures you can see the Antenna Farm: On the top the KLM KT34XA, 2 Element for 40m

Below you can see the 2 Element Quad, The 3 Element Tribander. On the right you can find the Big Tower from the Cellular phone where we have de Dipoles and the Delta Loop for 80m


Gallery of friends

       DJ2AA            DJ6QT             DK7YY        CT3FN/HB9CRV  k7BV and Wife lieska


   CT3BX             me , ea8ak, Fernando  e ea8zs        ct3ia,dl,me,cd e ea8zs, manolo


ha9pp, ct3ee, 4z4dx and ct3ia                9k2mn,4z4dx,me,ct3dl and 4x4sk        dl1ek, me and a friend from lu

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