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CQ WW SSB 2003

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CQ WW SSB 2003 - Madeira Team

For this Year the Madeira Team Crew prepared the participation in the CQ WW SSB in a Multi-Multi effort for the second year. After the score obtained last year with the third place World, all the members were very satisfied with the results obtained. For this year we change some of the setup.

The crew was based on the local amateurs as usual however with some aditions:


    As invited operators we had this year CT3MD, CT1BOP and OZ5AAH. CT3DZ as join the Team for this  and for the contests coming up next year.

For the Stations we made some changes:

Station 1 - 160m and 15m - FT1000D and a TS870. Amplifier - Hamp Supply - Antennas: for 160m Two dipols and a Beverage for receiving. For the 15m we used a Monobander 5 Elements from Hygain and a 6 Element tribander from JP Antennas (supplied from Finland).

Station 2 - 80m - IC756ProII - Amplifier Ameritron AL 1500 - Antennas: One Dipol turned to Europe, One Slooper for USA and a Delta Loop pointed to North.

Station 3 - 40m - IC756ProII - Amplifier Ameritron AL 1500 - Antennas - One Dipol in Slooper for USA and a 2 Element Monobander from Cushcraft.

Station 4 - 20m - FT1000MP - Amplifier -  SB220 - Antennas - Monobander 6 Elements and a 3 Element Tribander from Asahi.

Station 5 - 10m - Ft1000MP - Amplifier Ten-Tec Centurion 422B -  5 Element Monobander from Hygain and a 4 Element Monobander.

The Logging program is again the Writelog, and we manage to get working a local network between all the stations and a central server, thanks to CT3IA.

As final claimed score and provisory summary sheet here follows:

Band Qso's Zones Countries
160 112 10 49
80 448 17 83
40 1238 28 103
20 3463 38 152
15 3077 28 144
10 3629 35 152
30.247.323 Points 11967 166 683

There will be slight changes to this summary sheet, because in the beggining of the contest we had some problems in the hour of the computers, and we have to correct some details in the final log.

We thank all the stations that made a qso with us, also all the others that called and we did not ear them, and a special thanks to all the stations which have putted a spot in the DX Cluster.

Again we have to thank some Departments and Companies that helped us in our effort so:

    Special Thanks to : Dr. Manuel António - Secretary of the Enviroment

                                       Eng. Rocha da Silva - Forest Department Director

                                        All the Forest Guards, located in Machico Area

                                        Hammad - Computer Shop

                                        Proteia - Flower Shop

                                        Alves Construtions

                                        JP - Selling houses and Apartments

CQ WW SSB 2002 - Madeira Team

 The Team was composed by:



Claimed Score: Cat. Multi/Multi

160:        180   11     54
 80:         692   21     86
 40:         713   28   102
 20:        4166  39   166
 15:        4178  39   165
 10:        3907  39   162
Total:   13836 177 735 Total Score = 37,555,248

Stations and Equipments:

Station n.1 : 10/160m

2 - TS 870 S - 1 AL-1500 Amplifier

Antennas: for 10m: 1 Monobander 4 Elements rotatable, 1 Monobander 3 Elements Fixed to Europe in a 22m Tower

                   for 160m: 1 half wave Dipol

                                    Titanex 2000 (40m hight) Vertical

                                                  CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE

    10/160m Station            Titanex for 160m

Station n. 2 - 15m

1 - FT1000MP   1 AL1500 - Amplifier

Antennas: Monobander 5 Element rotatable, 1 -  3 Element Tribander Fixed to Europe in a 15m Twr.

Station n 3 - 20m

1 FT1000MP - 1 Hamp Supply Linear amplifier

Antennas: 1 Monobander 5 Elements rotatable, 1 - 3 element Tribander Fixed to Europe

in a 18m Tower

Station n. 4 - 40m

1 FT1000D - 1 AL-1500 Linear Amplifier

Antennas: 2 Dipols, 1 two element Beam from Cushcraft

Station n. 5 - 80m

1 TS 850S - 1 Heathkitt 922 Linear amplifier

Antennas: 1 Delta Loop, 2 Dipols ( on the 2nd. day we used also the Titanex Vertical as half wave vertical

Here are some Photos of our Settlement in Santo Da Serra - Madeira Island, Thanks to:

- Forest Department , Dr. Manuel António (Secreteary General for the Department and Engº Rocha da Silva - Director of The Forest Dep.


Some views from the CT9M/CQ9K QTH



Views for the 160m Vertical Antena and during the the wind storm


       160m Vertical - Titanex 2000                         20m Beams                      Testing thee 10m Station



15m/40m Beams                        10m Beams                                160m Vertical


Just before the Contest Starts



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