Report for the net on: 05 07 2023
Total Checkins: 13
Check in by Callsign: J73HGL J88CU J73CC K9PSL 8P5AJ J73GPG TI2BSH 9Y4X 9Z4DZ J88IH, J88VL 9Z4MDM WP4QZH J69DS
Checkins by type:
Vara HF: 9
Telnet: 2
Pactor: 0
Packet: 2
Checkins from USA, Saint Vincent, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Costa Rica, Barbados
Peer 2 Peer Vara No peer 2 peer session.
Notes Welcome back to J73CC - first report missed two stations

For those needing guidance on how to use the Winlink Chjeck in form:

Winlink Check In Form
Detailed instructions on how to use the Winlink Check-in form.

Next net is on Wedenesday 12 07 2023

de J62DX Frans

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