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This log contains 82,087 QSOs
from 2-May-2000 1409Z through 12-May-2000 0227Z


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If your callsign is not in the log and you think it should be:

Please DO NOT send email to the pilots

If you are in a different call area than your callsign indicates, try adding a portable identifier (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/2, JA1AAA and JA1AAA/7, etc.).

If you were operating portable, tdding the country identifier at both the front and end of your call (ie: W1XXX/KH6 and KH6/W1XXX).

If you were operating QRP, try adding /QRP (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/QRP).

If you were operating mobile, try adding /M (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/M).


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