My Interests

Portable Operations

My home shack is small. I like to pack up my shack and take my equipment with me. I operated one SOTA summit (W6/CT-037 Mt. Cuehnga). Other times my operation goes to the beach or to Griffith park.

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High Speed Digital Amateur Radio

Much of the technology amateur radio operators use is quite old (which isn't always a bad thing). But why not exploit equipment designed to operate as a secondary, unlicensed use in amateur bands to create state of the art wireless networks.

High Speed MultiMedia (HSMM) or Hinternet or what ever label you want to give it is using standard consumer 803.11 Wifi equipment under an amateur license.

As licensed operators in the bands used (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) we can use gain antenna's, aplifiers, increased power, etc. to increase the range from the normal 300 feet or so to about 10 - 20 miles. By creating networks passing data between multiple stations the network could cover vast distances.

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