About Me

I passed my exam the end of July 2010 (in fact I passed all the elements in one sitting - that makes me an Amateur Extra). I have a long history with electronics and radio. I've was a communications operator/repairer in the military and as a civilian I worked a number of jobs in electronics and computer design/construction/repair. So it was inevitable that I'd decide to use it for fun by getting my ham radio license too.

I got tired of woring behind the bench/keyboard etc. on other peoples projects in 1999 so I went back to school and received my degree in psychology. I currently work for a nonprofit organization that provides shelter for homeless people (among other things). My job is mostly maintenance, cleaning, caring for people, etc. All that scientific study in how and why people think, feel and act the way they do (the scientific side of psychology) and how to positively/compassionately interact with people (the touchy-feely side of psychology) comes in handy.

I currently live in an eleventh floor apartment. This really limits how I set up my equipment, but I little creativity goes a long way.