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Join the Iowa ARES Digital Net on Sunday afternoons at 4pm Central Time on 3.5900 MHz (center frequency), 3.5885 MHz (dial frequency).
Set mode for Olivia8/500 and center the signal on 1500 Hz.

IA ARES has accepted a minimum training standards Taskbook. Download under the Training Menu

Does your license authorize HF, but due to living in an apartment or a CC&R reestricted location. Try remote operation. AE5EI is set up to be remotely used. Contact AE5EI at posted email address for more information.

All Iowa ARES District 2 members are encouraged to get a DMR ID and to get on DMR. Through DMR we have direct contact to the State EOC and the NWS facilities.

We have a Monthly ARES Newsletter. Send inputs to AE5EI at outlook Dot com.

There are upcoming changes to ARES qualifications, so be sure to watch announcements from ARRL.

IA ARES District Map

Section ARES Leadership

Section Manager Lelia Garner WA0UIG
Section EC Rich Bingham WW0Q
District 2 EC Joe Hoepfner AE5EI
Asst Dist 2 EC Tim England K0ME

Current County ECs

Counties not listed have no current EC
Bremer County  Eric Grams  N0ZJT
Butler County  Stan Siems  WB0EMJ
Cerro Gordo County   Josh Boehmer  KE0HBR
Fayette County  Eric Grams  N0ZJT
Floyd County  Tim England  K0ME
Franklin County  Stan Siems  WB0EMJ
Hancock county  Josh Boehmer   KE0HBR
Mitchell County  Josh Boehmer   KE0HBR
Winnebago County   Josh Boehmer   KE0HBR
Worth County   Josh Boehmer   KE0HBR


If you are interested in becoming a county EC, please contact AE5EI