"They shewed his signs among them, and wonders in the land of Ham." Psalms 105:27

AD7DB's Ham Radio Links

Revised January 11, 2002.

General Information

Organizations, Groups and Clubs

California Clubs and Organizations

Great Pages about Specific Ham Interests

  • Official PSK31 Page - find out all about this new digital mode. If you're using a computer with a sound card, you already have much of what you need (other than a transceiver) to get on the air with it.
  • W4RNL's Antenna Pages. This guy discusses nearly every HF antenna with very detailed articles from his appearances at Dayton and other ham conventions.
  • APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System
  • APRS - A different site from someone else
  • IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project
  • N2JEU's HF Internet remote base software
  • AB5P's Transmitter Hunting Page
  • KB6MMF's Amateur Television Network
  • Ashley's Space World by WB5OTD
  • SAREX - Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
  • SpaceNews (ham satellite newsletter, published each Monday)
  • N6FRI's APRS/GPS Page
  • Slow Scan Television
  • KN6LA's California 6 Meter List
  • N0IAK's Colorado Amateur Radio
  • KB7PZS's Utah Amateur Radio
  • NL7J's Alaska Amateur Radio
  • WZ1V's Northeast Weak Signal VHF Pages
  • WA7S tells you how to make your own QSL cards!

Callsign Lookup

Practice License Exams

Vanity Callsigns

  • Vanity Callsign HQ - Go here first.
  • QRZ.com - this has other useful tips.
  • FCC's FAQ about Vanity Callsigns. Study it carefully.
  • ULS page at FCC - where you actually apply for your vanity call.


Solar Conditions and Propagation

Important in almost all ham bands, 160 meters all the way to UHF.

And other assorted stuff

Ever hear of a fellow named Hashafisti Scratchi?

Sure you have! And now here's the real story behind him! Read it all right here.

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