Zero QSL Bureau

P.O.Box 4798

Overland Park, Ks 66204


Unfortunately, this envelope arrived at the Zero QSL Bureau from the post office torn open. No cards were inside!
N0UF sent an e-mail to AP2IA explaining what happened. AP2IA responded the same thing happened to the envelope he sent to the Incoming Six Land Bureau and we has resending all QSLs. The second envelope with the QSLs has now arrived at the Zero Bureau..



Bureaus from all over the world ship cards to us the cheapest and slowest way possible. We then sort them as quickly as possible. We have seen cards as current as a month old, and as old as 20 years old. Just recently we sorted some cards that were from QSOs in the 70's.

Typical time from QSO to receipt of a card is 1 year. This is a long process with many volunteers in the chain, plus mail delays that arise from postal systems that are a little less effecient than ours.

Cards are to be kept for a minimum of 3 months according to ARRL rules, but most sorters don't destroy cards for a while longer. But keep in mind 90 days without envelopes on file can jeopardize your cards. Really important cards should be sent for direct with correct return postage and or I.R.C.'s. A couple of bucks never hurts either, they spend everywhere.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail the ARRL or the Zero QSL Bureau, and we will try to answer all of your questions. Questions about the status of your cards can be slow to answer. The sorter must be contacted, and he must go through the cards and check. It is always best to just make sure you have envelopes and stamps at the Bureau and that will ensure that you will receive cards as they come in.

How to get cards:

It is frequently difficult to find 5"x7.5" envelopes. The Bureau will supply envelopes for you at 5 for $3.00 including 37 cents postage on each. Kindly provide us with 5 self-addressed labels to affix to the envelopes. Please show your name, call, address and zip code on each label. If you receive more than 1 ounce of cards per month, include extra 23 cent stamps or money to purchase them.

Please keep in mind, this Bureau is for incoming cards only. All outgoing cards go to the ARRL outgoing bureau.

If you have comments or suggestions, email [email protected]

73 de kb0u

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