Stars and Stripes Island Award Program

This award is based on a list compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) of pieces of land defined as islands within the United States. The USGS list should be considered complete, although it is possible that a few groups maybe added in the future. The award has no start date and any QSL card that has the name of an island found in the island list used to generate this award will be given credit for that particular SSIA Island group.



eQSL's In-depth explanation of e-mail QSL'ing

Rules The complete listing of Rules and Regulations

Island Groups A listing of all the Island Groups by State name

USGS List The official list from the US Geological Survey data base

Award Application SSIA award application

SSIA awards received list of stations who have received the award

SSIA awards offered a brief description of the SSIA awards



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