1. Only islands found in the USGS list will count for the SSIA. The list should be 
considered complete. However any island activated that qualifies by the criteria set out
by the United States Island Award (USIA) will be added to the list if the islands name, 
lat. & long. and the county that the island is found is sent to the SSIA award manager.
2. The qsl cards should have the name of the island and county that the island is found clearly 
printed on the card , a qsl card without a county name will only be accepted if the island 
operator informs the award manager of his location. There is no start date for the award. Eqsl
cards will be accepted for the award, however only cards from the eqsl.cc service will be 
accepted. (See page regarding eqsls) All cards should be submitted to the award checkpoint. 

3. All operations must take place from the island, it is required that the antenna be on the 
island for the operation to count for this award.

4. All rules and regulations regarding access to any island should be followed. Ignorance of the 
laws governing the access the any island is not a valid excuse for operating from an island 
without the proper authorization. The individual must provide all necessary documents to the 
award committee were it is warranted.

5. No cross band contacts will be accepted nor any contact using a satellite or repeater will
be accepted for this award.

6. The applicant should be either a licensed radio amateur or an SWL.