Stars and Stripes Awards

The Stars and Stripes island award program consist of two different awards. The first award is given for confirming 100 SSIA island groups, stations outside North America only need to confirm 50 island groups for the award. Endorsement stickers will be given for each 50 island groups worked after the first 100 island groups are confirmed (only 50 island groups if outside North America).  
The other award offered is a certificate designed to hold a state flag for all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. To earn a state flag a station must confirm at least 75% of the island groups in that particular state. Stations outside of North America will only have to confirm 50% of the island groups in each state to earn a state flag.  

The above award can be earned by confirming 100 SSIA island groups, only 50 groups are required for stations outside North America.