Semut Kecil Island DXPedition Photo Album

Preparing the departure from North Jakarta bay

The first night in Semut Kecil Island, when
put on the single band dipole for 20 m

YB0AZ doing a first IOTA DXpedition QSO at 14 MHz

The KLM KT34XA installed at the tower

YB0ECT trying the KLM antenna at the temporary station

constructing the WARC band dipole antenna

YC0LBK preparing to install the WARC band dipole

The WARC band dipole is ready to work

YB0HD checking and operating the WARC station

YB0CBI and YB0AI fixed the 80 m dipole antenna

The speedboat left the island and going back to Jakarta

Some members are preparing the foods everyday

Express the friendship
( YB0CBI and YB0FMT )

The pleasant time with members
( In center YB0HD hugged his wife YD0ETA )

YB0ECT operating at the WARC station and
YB0NU (left side) thinking about the TV report

YB0AVK and YC0ONE also operating at the WARC station
with morse codes

YB0AI and YC0LBK running the CQWW DX Phone Contest

The only one sponsor ( Ades drinking water company )
to supported this group with their product

The group picture of the Semut Kecil Island DXpedition 1999

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