Welcome to the 75 Meter Interstate SideBand Net Home Page

One of the reasons that we, as Amateur Radio Operators, are allowed to enjoy our hobby is the fact that Amateur Radio has always provided an invaluable source of skilled communicators in times of national or local emergencies. Many Amateurs feel strongly obligated to maintain their efficiency in message handling so they will be ready when the need arises.

The objective of the 75 Meter Interstate SideBand Net is to provide Public Service, Message Handling Experience, Group Fellowship, not individual high scores for the amount of traffic handled. The primary goal of the Net is the expeditious movement of all legal traffic to its destination. This goal is accomplished through the liaison stations who check into the Net and accept the messages. All stations, with or without traffic, are always welcome to check into the Net.

Excerpt (with modifications) from a January 1959 QST Hallicrafters Ad about the 75 Meter Interstate SideBand Net.

Updated Feb 1, 2019