Opening and Closing the Net

Marker Station Preamble

The preamble contains all the information required for marking the net frequency and opening the net operation. The text may be used as is or modified to suit the marker station operator's own taste.

Closing the Net

The closing net text contains basic information on the daily net operation for operators who may have tuned in to the net late and would like to participate in future net operations. The basic purpose of the net is to provide a public service in the form of message handling. As such an organization, it should try to promote goodwill among fellow amateurs as well. It therefore seems fitting that a thanks should be extended at the close of the net to non-participating stations for giving the net a clear frequency during its operation. The text on the next page may be used as is or modified to suit the net control station operator's own taste.

Call District Rotation

The district called first rotates each night so that stations in each call area have an equal opportunity to list their traffic early throughout the course of a weekly period.

Marker Station Preamble

This is ________ one of the marker stations for the 75 meter Interstate Sideband Net. This Net meets daily at 0100 Zulu for the purpose of handling all legal traffic. All stations are welcome to check in with or without traffic.

This is a directed net. That is, stations are to transmit only when requested to do so by the net control station except in an emergency.

The net is called by call district. The district called first rotates each night so that stations in each call district have an equal opportunity to list their traffic early.

When checking into the net, simply indicate whether you have traffic or are QRU. The net control station will list the traffic as he/she acknowledges the check-ins.

If at all possible please keep message texts under 25 words using ARL numbered texts wherever possible. Also please have complete addresses including telephone number and zip code whenever possible.

Please zero beat the net control station and stay on that station's frequency throughout the course of the net.

If you list traffic or have traffic coming to your area and have to leave the net, let the net control station know your status before leaving.

Otherwise, you are free to leave at any time without checking out with the net control station.

Your net control station for this evening is ________. His/Her handle is ________ and he/she is located in________.

This is________, I have (No) traffic.


Closing the Net

Is there any further business for the net? .............. Nothing heard.

We will close the net at this time. You are reminded that, the good Lord willing, the 75 meter Interstate Sideband Net meets at 0100 Zulu on or about 3985 KHz every night of the year.

You are always welcome to check in whether you have traffic or not.

This is ________ now closing the net and thanking all those that participated this evening.

We also wish to thank those that gave us a clear frequency for our net operation and we greatly appreciate that.

________ is now clear, good evening all.

Call District Rotation
Day of WeekCall Area
WednesdayFirst, Second, Third and
Canadian Provinces
FridayFifth, Sixth and Seventh