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After several years as a Shortwave listener, I was first licensed as 5Z4FT in 1991. I spent a brief period in the Czech republic, and Slovakia were I was licensed with CEPT licences OK8EFT, and OM9AFT. I am also licensed as KI4LTH.

I have experimented with various types of wire antennas on HF, these include the ordinary dipole, windom, G5RV, delta loop, inverted-L, and inverted-V. At VHF, and UHF, I have built 2M, and 70CM ground planes, as well as a three element yagi for 2M. My main interest lays with the electronics, and the techniques of radio communication. I have built a NORCAL20 CW QRP transceiver, and have had acceptable performance with it using 5 watts, and a dipole. I have had QSOs with all continents. At the moment, I am developing an interest in digital, and amateur radio space communications. I have several QRP home brew projects under consideration.

Discussion Topics.

The International Morse Code(CW)


Satellite tracking program
Where to register for current Keplerian elements(Choose 3 line with object names)
Alternative site for Satellite tracking information

Voltage balun transformer design(Use only for perfect profiles)

Five simple Antennas

Regenerative Receiver.

A Direct Conversion HF Amateur Band Receiver

QSL card of my first contact using a Norcal20.

A 74HC240 based Qrp Transmitter.

PIXIE Micro Transceiver Narrative.

Constructing a Rockmite, and Himite

Constructing a Norcal Sierra/Elecraft K1/Wilderness Sierra/Tramp-8

Constructing a Software Defined RX/TCVR.

Modifications to a Smallwonder Labs SWL 40+ for 15M CW.

Constructing a HF CW/SSB/PSK31 TCVR.

Constructing a PIC Windows based Packet TNC.

Constructing a Sound Card/Digital Interface.

Constructing a Satellite Tracking Interface(Fodtrack, and SatTracker688)

Constructing an Iambic PIC CW Keyer, and PIC CW Decoder with Frequency annunciator

Constructing a PC Software and PIC controlled DDS VFO using the AD9835