Construction of a Norcal Sierra.


The Norcal Sierra was designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR. It is a QRP multi band CW transceiver that achieves band switching by the use of a changeable band module. By changing the band module, the original Sierra covers the CW portions of 80M, 40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, and 15M bands. The receiver is a single-conversion superhet with audio derived AGC, and RIT. The transmitter has full break in keying, while optional circuitry allows monitoring of relative power, and received signal strength. The CW output power is about 2W. The TCVR has a number of Analog ICs, which simplifies construction. If the builder wants a moderately complex TCVR home brew project, with room for further experimentation then this is the TCVR to build. Parts are available from several Electronic Parts vending sources, and with careful sourcing it is possible to consolidate the components needed to build the radio. FAR Circuits makes the PCB boards available. The ARRL Technical Department keeps a copy of the "Sierra Template Package", while Wilderness Radio offers a modified Norcal Sierra Kit with accessories.

MARCH, 05, 2006-Prepared Bill of Materials from a schematic diagram of the Norcal Sierra.

JUNE, 21, 2006-Ordered Norcal Sierra PCB boards from FAR Circuits

JULY, 07, 2006-Received Norcal Sierra boards, and continued with parts assembly consolidation.

DECEMBER, 05, 2006-This project is on hold, for a few months, as I try to make intercontinental contacts with the Rockmite, using minimal QRP improvement.

JUNE, 11, 2008-Successfully redesigned original Norcal Sierra PCB Board to a Mono Band Norcal Sierra version.

OCTOBER, 26, 2009-Decided to release my Norcal Sierra Monoband design for the benefit of other adventurous QRP homebrewers.

OCTOBER, 27, 2009-Started documenting my Norcal Sierra Monoband design.

Norcal Sierra template file

Norcal Sierra schematic and notes

Norcal Sierra card edge connector(EBM25DRXH-Also available from Digikey)

Source for custom crystals

Elecraft K1

Wilderness Sierra