↑ Forecast vs Prediction of HF Band Conditions

Forecasting HF radio propagation may be of interest to a radio amateur. Although accuracy is doubtful, an estimate can be achieved because HF Band Conditions are full of uncertainty, which cannot be avoided but can be reduced by using Predictive Forecasting.

Predictive Forecasting aids in the identification and processing of relevant data required to provide an unbiased view of the future. It may guide radio amateurs in responding quickly to changing circumstances and unpredictable events. It analyzes historical data and forecasts future trends to help you gain a better understanding of the HF Band Conditions.

Forecasting is an objective estimate of future events made by incorporating and casting forward data from the past in a predetermined and systematic manner, whereas prediction is an estimate of future events made by subjective considerations.

The difference between forecasting and prediction is that forecasting explicitly adds a temporal dimension. Forecast is a time-based prediction, so it is better suited to dealing with time series data.

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