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  • CODET 20

    Learning MORSE CODE will require you to use a shareware program called "Code-T". If you don't have any other similar program in your computer, then it is recommended that you download this file to your disk. But before you do that, please try to read first and understand the following.

    PURPOSE: CODE - T is a Morse Code Tutor program, designed to help all those interested to learn to receive the Morse Code and pass their Amateur Radio code test.

    This Program is Shareware and can be used in this version for as long as desired. There is no mandatory registration required. The program can and should be freely distributed to all interested in learning the Morse Code. That is, you can copy it, use it, and share it (including distribution at hamfests or ham radio and computer equipment swapmeet) so long as you do not charge any money for it other than the cost of the disk or other transfer medium, not to exceed $2. You may not make a profit or recover labor costs for copying or distributing this program. Code Practice must be distributed in its original form and content.


    A. Equipment and System Requirements and Limitations

    1. General Requirements

    Computer: IBM PC or higher compatible
    Memory: 250K
    Drive : Floppy disk or hard drive
    Video : Monochrome or color

    B. Distribution Files

    Code Practice is normally shipped un-compressed, containing all the files necessary for operation. If you would like to give a copy of Code Practice to a friend or want to upload it to a computer bulletin board system, please upload a complete set of the file in a compressed format. Do not add or remove files, since that can create confusion to other users.

    Code Practice contains the following files:
    CODET.EXE - Main executable program
    CODET.DOC - Codet Read Me Document
    INSTALL.BAT - Installs program on to your hard drive
    README.BAT - Batch file to read the codep.doc file.

    C. Installation

    Code-T will run from floppy disk. If you receive the program in a ZIP or other compressed form, simply uncompress it, on the same disk or, in the same sub-directory. A batch file name INSTALL.BAT is included with the program that will create and copy all files to your hard drive into a sub- directory named CODET. Type README.BAT to read CODET.DOC for additional instructions.

    In the following examples "ENTER" means to press the key labelled "ENTER" or "RETURN".

    1. If you have a hard disk
    a. Place the floppy disk in floppy drive A or B. Make that drive the active drive type A: or B:.
    b. Run the install program as follows:
    A:\> INSTALL A C or b:\> INSTALL B C
    (if you want to install the program on your C drive.)

    2. If you have a floppy drive
    a. Place the floppy disk in drive A: or B;
    b. Run the program as follows:
    A> CODET or
    b> CODET
    Write protect the floppy to prevent the program from being altered


    A. Starting and Quitting Code-T
    To start the program:
    1. At the prompt type CODET .
    2. The title screen and then the main menu will appear prompt you to enter A-L or Q to quit.
    3. Start by reading the INTRODUCTION.
    4. Continue thur each lesson. Don't rush! Spend about 15 to 30 minutes each day study a lesson.
    5. Be sure to take time to practice each lesson and also all the characters you have learned using menu selections "C" and "D" of each lesson memu.

    To quit:
    1. At the end of the practice the screen will prompt to to retrun to the main menu. Press "Q" to return to the Main MENU then press Q again to end the program.


    1. Speed Standards
    a. Character, and Word Speeds.

    Normally, the spacing between characters is sent at the same speed as the character elements. However, when the Farnsworth method is used, the spacing between characters is sent at a slower speed than the characters themselves. CODE-T provides a teaching method to help you learn the code by using a modified version of the Farnsworth method. Code-T sends all letters at a code speed of 13 words per minute. The space between each characters is at a rate equal to 5 words per minute.

    The method will help the average student to learn the code in less time than use code tape and record that send code at a continuous 5 WPM or 13 WPM.


    This version of Code-T does not allow the use to alter the speed of the code. However the program is designed to produce the same results on any computer.


    Okay, you have finished reading the preliminary instructions. Click here to download the compressed file of codet20 (File Name: codet20.zip; Size: 33 KB). More instructions to guide you on your Morse Code Practice are available in Code-T.
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