Text Box: Ham Radio is the best hobby I   
   have ever come across. It has 
   brought me to places far and 
I have made countless friends
   and also talked with people 
   from places some of whose
   names I can not pronounce
Morse Code is my favorite mode. 
   My logbook has more qsos in it 
   than any other. In fact, I got my 
   ticket on a Thursday and was 
   knee deep in a CW contest by 
Contesting is one activity that 
   brings me out of the woodwork 
   even after long spells of inacti-
   vity. I have been a party to
   several  multi-operator efforts 
   and have enjoyed them 
DXpeditions have been my cup of tea of late. My friends and I have activated islands that I would not have thought of going to as an ordinary person. The trip to Kalayaan/Spratly was the biggest thrill in my HAM radio life.
4F2KWT Gil

DXC, Cuyo Island (OC-120)

with G3OCA, Ken and DU1JXP, Nicky

4G2F, Fuga Island (OC-092) with

the CWPhils crew

4D2B, Calayan Island (OC-092)

DXW, Lubang Island (OC-126)

with DU1ERV, Ed and DU1JYO, Butch

After the DX has been worked. I go ride my bikes!

Contesting Pictures

Fruits of DXing

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DZ4C, Calaguas Island (OC-202)

4G0PUP, Mindoro Island (OC-244)

4G1L, Palawan Island (OC-128)

4G1L, Balesin Island (OC-244)

DX1CC, Arena Island (OC-128)