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Comann  Rèidio  Na  Fir Chlis   Innse Gall    Alba 

Celebration  2017 International Marconi Day
We will be active for International Marconi Day from Lochboisdale
 on the 22nd April 2017,  its a 24 hour event, our call sign will be GB2M.
Our Local  Radio Club is registered as an approved Examination centre for all levels of the Radio Amateurs  Examination.
Affiliated to the RSGB
Club Call signs are - MAØNFC   -   MMØNFC   -   MSØNFC

'Na Fir Chlis' Amateur Radio Club is located in the Gaelic speaking Outer Hebrides island of
South Uist
 located to the west of Scotland.  The name of the club "Na Fir Chlis" is the local
Gaelic name for the aurora borealis, (Northern Lights), 
a phenomenon that has a huge influence on radio propagation.
we are active in contests and special events throughout the year.
It is a small Club with members from several Hebridean islands.

 club web site
 World SSTV Club WSC #971      IOTA EU-010     W.A.B NF7121023     IOSA: OH03      SCOTIA:HI06     WWFF: GMFF-0069


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