VHF Test 3.02 update bug fixes and enhancements

Bug fixes
Difficult to duplicate CW timing problem. Found calibration routine compares timing factor with LAST CW speed, not 20 WPM.
Improper loading of CALLGRID.TBL file with extra spacing between data. Modified code to accept extra spaces.
Some extended characters are not being converted by /T Corrected.

Addition of Fall World Wide Sprints Implemented.
New electronic submission format is use by ARRL. Replaced SFF output with Cabrillo output for defined contests. Added prompting for new information required in the Cabrillo specification. (Operator and power categories.) Also added prompting for club participation during ALT-R for both normal output and Cabrillo.
Can't edit .OUT files with current tools. .OUT files are now pure text. This required reworking .FRM files, removing printer code use and ALT-Z function.
Possibility of constant key-down when starting program. Added port-reset logic upon program startup.
Possible use of VHF Test for distance-based scoring. When used with /X switch, calculates distance-based score and shows point values in ALT-E. Also related to this, QSO storage extended to 3,000 and CT to VT conversion program was written.
Request for new keystroke assignments. SPACE added as equivalent of TAB, and F11 added as equivalent of ALT-ESC.
CALLGRID overwrites existing CALLGRID.TBL files. Changed output to CALLGRID.NEW.
Request for Cabrillo output to be named CALLUSED.LOG. Done.

Requested enhancements being researched

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