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I am the author of VHF Test, a DOS-based single-operator VHF contesting program that is available as freeware. This program has been around since 1991 and is continually enhanced and updated as users request new functions or rules are changed. Perhaps its best liked feature, at least from user comments, is a full implementation of the rover category. While a full-featured program, it's still small enough to run off a floppy disk with room remaining to store log files as well.

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VHF Test 3.0x

VHF Test 3.01
The May 1999 version, a 344,875 byte self-extracting zip file, is dated June 11, 1999.

This version is the last that will support 808x processors. Version 3.02 will require at least a 286.

VHF Test 3.02.014 beta
This 217,877 byte self-extracting zip file is dated April 7, 2000.

SFF users: be sure to check the manual for info on the new Cabrillo format. The command line switch has been changed and some contests are not supported by the Cabrillo specification.
Here's the the correct callgrid executable for those who got an old one by accident in a previous download. This is a 13,907 byte file.
This is the updated program. This is a 29,167 byte self-extracting zip file dated 11-27-99 containing CGMASTER.EXE and CGMASTER.TXT. This fixes a problem and added some minor features found during user testing.
Follow the link for details on this useful file...
Overview of features
Screen capture tour with report samples.
Bug fixes/enhancements in the next update.
View reviews from ham magazines.
The VHF Test 3.0x documentation is available in Word format which may present a problem for users without this product. If you would like to view the Word documentation but aren't a Word user, Microsoft offers a freeware viewer program, Word Viewer that can be downloaded. The Web site describes it as a "small application" but be warned that the file downloaded is 3.76 MB in size! (Well, in comparison to other applications...) Both 16- and 32-bit versions are available. You may find other uses of this program, as I did, when I used it to view the SMIRK contest documentation which is available on the Web in Word '95 format. (I still use Word version 6.0.)
Why two versions?
I try to keep both versions available for one reason: the older one is tried and true, while the newer one is updated and perhaps enhanced. If someone runs into problems with the new one, the old one is easy to get ahold of.
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