Hello, my name is Bruce Richards, and I thank you for taking the time to read this. I am 62 and live in Clarksville Tennessee, near Nashville. I retired from Gateway Health System so that I can travel and see more of our wonderful world, and enjoy my Hobbies more.

I am also retired from the US Army where I spent 22 years ,during which I was able to visit many countries and all of the continents. One of my Military jobs was setting up Long Range HF radio links. This is how I got interested in Ham Radio.

My hobbies are Ham Radio, Fast Cars, and computers. My Main interest in Ham radio are emergency communications and DX. I recently completed my goal of making the DXCC Honor Roll on 28 Mhz. Now its time to go for 5 band Honor Roll :))

My present DXCC status is 332 countries worked. Link to my Needed countries List

My HF station consists of:
1. A Kenwood TS950SDX transceiver
2. A Icom 706 Mkll (backup radio)
3. Timewave DSP-59+ digital filter
4. Ameco PT-3 receive amp
5. Rohn 25, 90 foot tower
6. Cushcraft X7

Note: This is now removed -> 7 element,10 meter monobander(home brewed) with
a 45 feet long (13m)boom

Pentium 166/512MB RAM, 2 20G HD
Pentium 400 lap top

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My Time in the Army

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