Cp Kaiser

Camp Kaiser 1966-70

7th Inf Div MPs
1965-67, Camp Kaiser

Pictures from Chuck Young

Below photos provided by:
James Roche,1968-1969
A Battery, 7th Bn (Hawk)5th Arty
email: jamesroche73@gmail.com

motor pool

Generator shed on mt. 400 hertz gens. notice glowing red on shed's exahust pipe the gens. use

Bob Hope fresh out of Vietnam with Penelope Plummer, Miss World, and Ann Margaret. though large tent heaters were used, they were cold. it was 40 degrees and we GIs were in T-shirts

Bob Hope, took lots of pokes towards military.. ones you don't hear in his shows.. more serious one

Bob Hope trying a donut from the Red Cross "donut dollies". the donuts were not very good, and they asked for us to donate to them..ugh.. Bob didn't like the donuts.

Korea.. the real word means land of the morning calm. this was from the mt. missile site

The market place in Seoul. if you can make out my face it was looking that way because of the terrible smells!

Hiked out from the mt. missile site. the generator shed and one of the launch pads in background. double fence around site with dogs and devices around. M60 machine gun assigned to our bunker in front of gen shed.

Korea TAC site on mountain showing generator shed and red refueling truck which was a Korean contract and we had to escort the truck up the rocky mountain road.. the truck was antique already back then!

launch pad south of generator shed

lower part of rocky road to get to missile site. higher up it could get dangerous depending on weather

I think this was one of the communications guys not far from their com truck overlooking part of the valley with the road going north.

Looking over central area.. bunkers, 2 huts one for mess hall, the other a bunk room, tall shed is missile work shop, behind that to the left in the valley is Camp Kaiser, far left of picture is the heliport, and under that is the mountain road leading down to road that is taken to Camp Kaiser.

I don't know why I liked the deuce and a half's so much, I'd like to have one now! We had a few assigned to the generator section, I had to sign for one of those.

Here is the familiar sight, this and the honey pot wagons. Remember the smell in summer? Of course the kimchee odors too. LOL It was a bit of a game to go to Kimpo Air Base in the hot summer and watch the faces as the new soldiers got off the plane.. actually saw one guy try to get back into the plane !

How funny we are at times. Passing the TAC site on these mountains for the last time and on my way home, it's the first time I can remember feeling two emotions at the same time. I was sad to be leaving and glad to be going home. Looking back almost 50 years ago, I think "Ya know? We all did a good thing there".

I was told that the little building was a gas mask training building. I heard it was used once while I was there. Our compound was on the North side of Camp Kaiser and this was to the North side of our last barracks; where I had the last bunk to the North.

This was our motor pool area, or about half of it. Camp Kaiser gate would be past the far right hand side of the picture, and across the entire rest of the camp. I heard that we hid a tank or such during an inspection of one of the other groups there. You might see the hill over the top of maintenance garage. Two of us tried to see what it was from the dirt road and we were greeted by a Korean guard with his finger on the trigger. The hill was small and surrounded with barbed wire... and guarded..and facing North.

This was not about the bottle, it was about going home and how neat we all thought making ice chests out of radar parts shipping boxes could be. I was a very short timer here, and you no longer went up to the TAC site if at all possible, there were others to travel that rocky mountain road now. I can't imagine what the 1950s war was like in those hills, dear Lord.

Sometimes the generator section would help others. We helped build a hooch for the dog handlers. Here a pole was climbed using equipment from the communications guys.. well, just for a picture and experience.

I was told that an infiltrator had been caught on the mountain behind the launcher seen in the picture. This is the launch area South of the generator shed.

Im not sure I took this picture. This is the generator shed on mountain.

Part of TAC site, "radar hill" .. didn't go up to this spot much.. lol.. steep climb.

Not sure who took the picture. Missile workshop with helipad on far left.

Kimpo Air Base hours before returning to stateside October 21, 1969.

I don't know why I'm not wearing the medals.. maybe just a quick picture and put it all away.

The "chit book" was from Camp Kaiser. The brass was last polished by Kim the "house boy" for my return from there in OCT 1969; some Brasso made it look better now. Kim was a good guy to know.

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