Cp Kaiser

Camp Kaiser Korea

l952 - l957

Very Early Days before it
was called Camp Kaiser

At the end of the War, most of the hills looked like this

Coming up through Greek Valley to pick up some tanks

1st Bn, 17th sets up in new quarters in 1954

The War had not ended when these were taken

These Pictures provided by Jerry Toney, who was
in L Company, 3rd Bn, 17 Inf from Jun 56-Oct 57

Below Pictures Provided by Mack Twamley
2nd/17th Infantry 1956-1957

Regimental Maintenance Officer in front
of a Bulter type building near the Service Club

Lt Twamley

Lt Driscoll asleep with his dog

These were used to transiton between the tents and Quonset Huts

Service Company Area

A recently built building near the PX on fire.

The view from the BOQ

View of Camp Kaiser from Regimental Hq

Looks like a "M" on the hill. "M" Company?

Country scene between Camp Kaiser and Camp Casey

Typical Korean road during the 50s and 60s.
That is a M211 GMC 2 1/2, same as I drove in 60-61

Country scene near Unchon-ni

One of the Assault Personnel Transport Ships that were used for Training.
Troops went down the sides with rope ladders, and into smaller landing crafts

Tokyo in the evening during R&R, 1957

1952-1957 Page 2

Camp Kaiser Korea Start Page

Camp Kaiser Korea 1958-61

Camp Kaiser Korea 1961-64

Camp Kaiser Korea 1964-65

Camp Kaiser Korea 1966-70

Camp Kaiser History


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