Welcome to The South Texas Balloon Launch Project - BLT-18!

BLT-18 went to the Edge of Space on August 25, 2001!

Mr. Ball made his SIXTH flight to the Edge of Space while flying inside BLT-18's main payload!

Here are some specifications:

Live Color Camera Video on 1255 MHz FM ATV - 2 Watts
GPS data (GGA, RMC & GSA) on 440.950 MHz FM - 1200 baud - 100 mW
Crossband FM Audio Repeater - 147.435 MHz in - 446.000 MHz out - 375 mW
Radiation Detector - Interupted carrier on 28.322 MHz
Inside & Outside Temperature Data Recording Devices
35-mm Color Camera - Photo Interval = 200 seconds
Parachute Recovery for Main Payloads
Totex 1200 Balloon
RC Glider for Release @ 2000 Feet via Remote Cut-down
Main System Power = 15VDC @ 5 A/H Sulphur-Dioxide Lithium Batteries
Audio Beeper
ALL RF Systems use Vertical Polarization Antennas

Photos from the 30 May 2001 Planning Meeting

Photos from the 18 July 2001 Construction Meeting

Photos from the 15 August 2001 Construction Meeting

Photos from the 22 August 2001 FINAL Integration Meeting

Photos from the 24 August 2001 FINAL FINAL Integration Meeting

Photos from the 25 August 2001 LAUNCH!

Photos from the 25 August 2001 FLIGHT!

Photos from the 25 August 2001 RECOVERY!

A Really COOL BLT-18 Screen Saver for YOU! (1 Mb)

Launch happened at 11 AM on August 25, 2001 from the Wharton Regional Airport. We Were There!!!

Wild Bill KD5IIU provided members of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (BVARC) with insight, a report, and a video presentation of the BLT-18 Project at their meeting on September 13, 2001!

Prior to Wild Bill's (KD5IIU) talk, the 18 minute BLT-18 tape was shown at the Houston Amateur Television Society (HATS) and Scout Troop 588 in Fort Bend County. Bill however, brought it ALL together for the BVARC crew and guests! Mom, Apple Pie, The American Flag, Diet Coke, Money, Dad & HAM RADIO - It was ALL There!

The balloon package on the left is BLT-1 from the W5ACM BLT Archive Collection. BLT-1 was launched from the Huntsville Municipal Airport on December 8, 1990. Our somewhat crude telemetry system back then indicated a maximum altitude exceeding 103,000 feet. The balloon package in front of Bill is the main payload of BLT-18... a truly EXCELLENT Adventure!

Mikey KK5SC attached two temperature recording devices to BLT-18 - one inside the payload and one on the outside. This is a plot of the data obtained from both. Note that the sensors do not work below -40 degrees F - they flatline... You can however, get a very good idea of what happens above and below 60,000 feet... another SUCCESS!!