Selected Ham Contests & Other Stuff
Adventure Radio Society
Spartan Sprint 1st Monday of every month (Sunday night U.S.)- 0200-0400 UTC/ST, 0100-0300 UTC/DST
Flight of the Bumble Bees last Sunday of July

Spring & Autumn
QRP To The Field                  1st Saturday in May
QRP Afield                  3rd Saturday in September

New Jersey QRP Club    Skeeter Hunt
Skeeter Hunt                       Sunday, August 9th

Winter Sprint - Second Saturday in February 1700UTC-2100UTC
Spring Sprint - Second Saturday in May 1700 UTC to 2100 UTC
Summer Sprint - Second Saturday n July 0000 UTC to 0400UTC
Fall Sprint - Second Saturday in October 1700UTC - 2100UTC 
The International G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest 2300Z September 3, 2010 to 2300Z September 5, 2010
FISTS UK Straight Key Week
Usually the first full week in September.  From 0001Z on the first Sunday to 2359Z the following Saturday. 

2015 QRP-ARCI(sm) Contest Schedule
January 1           New Year's Sprint
January 25          Winter Fireside SSB Sprint
March 14            Spring Digital Sprint
April 4 & 5         Spring QSO Party
May 31              Hootowl Sprint
June 14             QRP Shootout 
July 5              Summer Homebrew Sprint
August 22           Slow Speed Sprint
September 5 & 6     Two Side Bands Sprint
October 10 & 11     Fall QSO Party
December 3          Top Band Sprint
   * Note that this contest starts the evening of     December .. in North America
December 13         Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint

ARRL CW Sweepstakes    First full weekend in November
ARRL Straight Key Night                New Year's Eve
ARRL Field Day            Fourth full weekend in June 


The Flying Pigs QRP Club, International,W8PIG

North American QRP CW Club

Colorado QRP Club
Colorado Gold Rush                                            Third Sunday of July - 2 hrs - 20M only
Colorado Snowshoe Run                   Second Sunday of December - 2 hrs - 40 M only

Michigan QRP Club
January CW Contest                              CANCELLED
Memorial Day CW Sprint                       CANCELLED
July 4th CW Sprint                                     CANCELLED
Labor Day Sprint                                   2300Z Sep 7, 2015 to 0300Z Sep 8, 201508/15

ACGW-DL   (German CW)

Illinois QSO Party
Illinois QSO Party                                                                     3rd full weekend of October

Hit & Bounce Net (HBN) - daily 8:30 AM ET 7114 KHz

"It is vain to do with more what can be done with less"
William of Occum, 1290-1350

CW - It's still magic!

Rocky Mountain VHF Society

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