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Last updated 72/Dec/2003.


VE3ZEM and VA3CHC visiting VE3RGW's antenna farm


  Dayton ham festival 1998


VE3RGW and VA3CTR at the new home.


  1998 CCARS picnic


20 meter Mini-beam .....


  VE7FAN's Toro visit


CCARS field day 99 .....


....Dayton 2000


Saturday voice contact schedule :

Amateur H.F. band - 14.130MHz on 14:30Z.

Sunday voice contact schedule :

Amateur H.F. band - 14.230MHz on 22:30Z.

Weekly Global Cantonese contact point :

Internet Echolink platform server *Seanet* node 121958.


Internet EQSO platform server “AF4BH.NET room “CHINESEHAM?o:p>

Software          Echolink available from

            EQSO available from


Cantonese Repeater frequencies in Toronto

443.350MHz (+5MHz) PL 103.5

442.275MHz (+5MHz) PL 103.5 (Echolink node 151155)

146.745MHz (-600KHz) PL 103.5 (Echolink node 108868)


__________ Links to neighbor sites and focus ____________


Chinese Canadian Amateur Radio Society (CCARS)

Pacific Rim Amateur Radio Association

Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS)

Hong Kong Amateur Radio Asociation (HKARA)

Hong Kong Tai Po Tea Net  

Hong Kong Island Region Boy Scouts Amateur Radio  

Registered amateur radio clubs at Hong Kong  


AF4BH's home page - Personal info, ham projects (access by IE only).

VE3FLF's home page - Tower, antenna design/construction, engineering links.

VA3CTT's home page - Hong Kong Police

VE3CQD's home page - Morse Code related information.

VA3HKS's home page - Internet E-page to VA3HKS and related information

VE6JKC's home page - Amateur packet data, SSTV and mountain climbing

VA3PPT's home page

VA3SDU's home page - Ham radio, war games.

VA3WYU's home page - Personal album

VE3ZEM's home page - Personal album, artwork, landscape of Hong Kong.

VE3RGW's home page - Professional radio communication / ham radio.

VA3YH's home page - Personal album and projects.

VE7ZNA's home page - Personal album, ham life in B.C.

VR2XKP's home page - Ham radio at Hong Kong, technical information.

VR2XMT's home page - World of 50MHz DX.

VS6GW private album - VS6GW related pictures 1978-1989

WD6GGW home page - Personal album and links to Pui Ching old pals connection

W6BBA home page - Personal and China hams connection.

Toronto Ham Projects (Dreamland) - Technical garden from Toronto

U/V dual band antenna, attic antenna farm, 20M mini beam, Field day wire beam,

DTMF decoding, SB16 VOX interface, Toro HUB conference?

Plus links to other technical web sites for electronic hobbist.

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To have your information included in the list, Email me at : [email protected]

Please include your name, call sign, location, Email and other contact information (e.g. ICQ#, standing by frequencies, usually visited IPHONE chat channel…etc).




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