Pictures of VS6GW 1978-1989.

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My station VS6GW went on air May-1978. It operated on CW only on 20m and 15m band. As seen in the picture, I did't even have VHF yet. The first VHF radio (ICOM IC-215) was not brought in until August. We didnít have repeaters but have real fun on 144.48, 145.5 and 145.55 MHz. Our Cantonese VHF morning net was usually held on 144.48MHz between 07:30-09:00 a.m. Participants included VS6AQ, VS6HF, VS6GT, VS6BS, VS6EK, VS6GK, VS6GP and myself. I started my voice QSO on 20m 1 year after the station went in-service. We had the Cantonese net moved to HF by that time. We usually showed up on 14.130Mhz at 13:30z. Participants included VS6AQ, VS6AO, VS6AT, VS6CK, VS6HF, VS6GT, VS6GK, VS6GP, 9M2CR, 9V1RD, myself and occasional visitors from ZS6 and W6 (no BY yet) !

. First picture of my station Nov-1978.

. Operating CW on 20m Mar-1979.

Inspecting 10m antenna with Ruwan H.(later VS6XMB). Behind us was my VS-41 main H.F.antenna.

My QSL card    



HARTS supporting JOTA event in Hong Kong boy scouts HQ. The station is seen supervised by VS6GV who later performed major negotiation on VS6HK repeater site location on Royal Observatory Tates Cairn (Kowloon Peak) station.

VS6XQF, VS6XQP and the boy scout radio club members assisting construction of the experimental channel on VS6HKB (145.625MHz), running parallel with main channel 145.65MHz. The concept is later applied on V.P.R. (Victoria Peak Repeater) system after key technical issues identified and resolved.

. Sharing a nice view of Hong Kong Harbor with the repeater.

VS6TQ inspecting cable route of the repeater.

. Our transport manager - VS6XRA (now VE3BWA)



My first DUROL (Dynamic User Radio Over Line ) interface. This was a simplex phone patch controller (experimental prototype). Unlike North America, phone patches are not normally allowed to operate in amateur radio environment. This prototype was later improved into a whole family of phone patches (last simplex model DUROL 4.4x and full duplex model DUROL 5.3). Most of which were sold as part of other 2-way mobile radio communication systems for north east mainland China.


The first V.P.R.(Victoria Peak Repeater) system - a joint project of the Chinese technical development interest group. This system operates on dual channels (145.75Mhz and 145.725MHz) at the same location and covers mainly Hong Kong Island. This was the first attempt to apply MIAC (Multi-Individual Access control) while the system can recognize up to 500 different users with individual PIN. Each account had different access privilege. The system originally planned to be expanded into a full club station while auto-tuned H.F. ports and UHF gateways would be equipped. That's why we need different access level so that H.F. gateway option is only available for members with full license condition. Unfortunately, this system was broke in during X'mas 1988 with all radio stolen. It was the effort of the Chinese local hams who provided the main funding and have it rebuilt in 4 months time.


. V.P.R. maintenance team (VS6XQL, VS6XQF and VS6XTR).

. V.P.R. construction team (VS6XRA, VX6XQP, VS6TQ, VS6UI).


Above are only part of my private collection on some events of that 10 years period. There are definitely a lot of other valuable memories. I have to apologize if I have misnamed or have missed the concerned call sign of some faces. If that did happen, please do send me an Email for correction. If you have pictures which you would like to share with others related with Chinese VS6 in that 10 years time frame, please send me a copy of the picture (3R or 4R size will be best) or an electronic copy (max.size 300K). I shall put them onto the building list in future.

Hope you enjoy the show, 73.

VE3RGW (ex VS6GW) Sep-1997.



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