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Let me introduce my self and then you can get back to looking around my Radio Amateur web site.
My name is Stephen Van Klink and I was born in Brampton Ontario on October 1974. Since I was little I had always been interested in how things work. Throughout high school my main interests were math, science, geography and technical. When I started going to Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay taking Terrain and Water (Environmental Management) I was driving back and forth from home to school quite a bit. I decided to get a CB radio to keep me company on the long journey. It was not long after that; I was experimenting with antennas and their radiation patterns. I would go hill-topping work DX and rag chew for hours. One day I was talking to my dad about the fun I was having with the CB. He suggested that I go and visit one of his friends, Roger VA3HR. When I saw Rogers shack I was astounded. It was not long after that I started studying for my certificate. In February of 1995 I passed the test and got my Basic HAM Ticket.
When I first got started I was working 2m FM. By this time I was going to Conestoga College in Kitchener and taking Civil Engineering. Talking on 2m repeaters was fun and I eventually bought a 70cm radio. Once again I was experimenting with antennas and packet radio. But I still missed the excitement of SSB. I started to try and learn Morse Code but I had no luck. I decided that I would buy a HF rig with 6m in it so I would be able to work 6m SSB and listen to HF as encouragement to learn code. I had so much fun with 6m that I forgot all about the HF bands. I did try to learn my code a few times after that but not so I could work the HF frequencies, I wanted to learn so I could understand the weak CW signals I was hearing on 6m. It was not long after that I got a 2m SSB rig. While I was taking GIS (Geographic Information Systems) at Ryerson Polytechnic University I really got interested in APRS and GPS.
My Amateur Radio hobby was now more fun that I had ever imagined. I keep finding new facets of the hobby for me to explore.
Now I my primary interests are, 50MHz and up SSB, satellites and digital modes.
Everything below 50MHz is DC.

Have a look around. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email me.
Thank you and 73 VA3MOD

This site will be constantly changing so try to check back once and a while


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