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ITHAKI stands east of Cephalonia separeted by a channel 2 to 4 kilometers wide. The island's morphology varies from the steep and bare region on the west side to the green gentle shoreline on the east. The capital of the island ITHAKI (VATHI) with the red-roofed houses lies at the end of Molos bay. Ithaki is known to the word as the home of ODYSSEUS who wandered for years before he returned to HIS ISLAND KINGDOM.

Map of Ithaki

Frikes / Kioni / Stavros / Vathi

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Summer 1999.We've already travell all around of Aegean Pelagos at past years and looking for an quiet place to spend our vacations.For that year our choice was one of the beatifull islands whice are located in to Ionion Pelagos at the west part of Greece.

ITHAKI's choise it wasn't so difficult, because there you can find all the things that someone want from a place to live there for two weeks imaginary vacations in a quit, idullic and hospitable place as like that .

Our family have already be bigger before two months when our lovely little girl Konstantina have born and that island was proved as the best choice for all of us.

Far away from choking pain off a big city as Thessaloniki, the chance for relax, fishing, swimming and walk have been daily use reality. Paraller, my free time for stay at the "handy" shack that I built in a quiet corner into house were we lived in KIONI village, was enough to give the opportunity to a couple of thousands Radioamateurs from all over the world to contact from HF with the KINDOM OF OLYSSES.

During this dxpetition I've have contact with 1615 station from 76 countries and from all continents. Certainly I was have better final results from my TS-440S if there were the possibility for a better antenna from my inverter-V which are builded only 6 meter high and of course if there are not presented the high level of static noice especially in last days (S 8-9).

Finally in the logbook of SV2AEL/SV8 leaving from the island included many and interesting calls as like: YK1 , CN8 ,KC0 ,AH8 ,BA7ED,WA ,JA VK3 , PY , VK6 e.t.c. Big suprize was the QSO with WA2NAN/mm who called me from Black Sea under an scientific-explorer ship for the last solar eclipce of century two hours after the finished of fenomenon.

At last I will be thanks all the amateurs who try to contact with suchess or not with SV2AEL/8.I have already to send the QSLs cards via Bureau or direct to all stations. I hope that contacts and QSLs card from ITHAKI ISL. IOTA REFERENT EU-052 will be a "new one" for many Ham's or SWL's and will be useful and help them in IOTA and award hunting.

With best and really regards from Greece we give the promise to come back again next year with a new IOTA number…

73s -88s…SV2AEL....SAVAS…