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Software Downloads:

DMAPPER: Software written for mapping APRS data just doesn't have the detail and options needed for many SAR tracking operations. DMAPPER was written specifically to connect ARPS to the higher quality mapping programs, so you can now get automatic position plotting/tracking of your Search & Rescue, Fire, or other personnel using the mapping software you prefer or are already using.

Scanrec: A free voice recording program especially made for recording scanner traffic.  This program has a VOX control which allows one to record all day long and just keep the important stuff!  It works on a 486 or higher, on all the popular versions of Windows.

Airmail: A VHF Packet & HF Pactor program with look and feel like Outlook Express.  Excellent program for Pactor, but requires use of PK-232 TNC for Pactor I, or PTC II TNC for Pactor 2.  Several people in Oregon Section are using Airmail to construct an HF Pactor network with links to VHF Packet.

Winlink 2000: Winlink 2000 (WL2K) is a worldwide system of volunteer resources supporting e-mail by radio, with non-commercial links to internet e-mail. These resources come from Amateur Radio, the Military Affiliate Radio Systems (MARS), and other volunteer organizations. The system provides valuable service to emergency communicators, and to licensed operators without access to the internet. The Winlink Development Team (WDT) is committed to continuous improvement using the most efficient and effective radio modes and protocols for local, regional and long-distance applications, together with modern computer and networking technology..

MMSSTV: The easy to use Slow-Scan TV program.  You can transmit JPEG pictures and other file formats.  It's easy to do without even making a cable!  Just put the picture on your computer, run MMSSTV, hold your radio mic next to the computer speaker and send the picture.  You can receive the same way, just put the speaker next to the microphone on your computer.  Most laptops have a microphone built in.  One of my ARES collegues and I did this one afternoon and the pictures came out great!  If you have a digital camera you can take on-site pictures and transmit them during an emergency.

Other Downloads:

AARG Oregon Repeater Map (134K Bytes): An excellent map of 144 MHz and 440 MHz repeaters in Oregon.  PDF format.

Oregon Hospital Directory: A directory of Oregon hospitals.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Most newer computers come with the Acrobat Reader software already pre-installed.  If you do not already have Acrobat Reader it is very worthwhile to download and install it on your computer since much of today's web content is provided in Acrobat's "PDF" format.  It's free, and to get it, start by clicking the logo below.


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