Oregon ARES District 5

Dedicated to providing volunteer emergency communications to public and private community service agencies within and around Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine Counties, Oregon.

When all Normal Means of Communications Fail!

Last Update: 01/03/2016

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Geomagnetic Field:
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District 5 Weather Forecasts
Courtesy of the National Weather Service, Medford, Oregon
Coos County Curry County Douglas County
Jackson County Josephine County
Hazardous Weather Outlook
(Hazardous Weather Outlook not updated daily so be sure to check the date)

Severe Weather Safety Guide

Oregon Department Of Transportation

Road Condition Report

Road Webcams

Winter Travel Info


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Oregon ARES District Map

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Winlink 2000
Pactor RMS HF Frequency List

The following stations are up and running 24 hours/day 7 days a week, and can be reached via Airmail on Pactor.  (These are center frequencies / upper sideband.)

Station Callsign Pactor Frequency (Center) Location
W7ODN 3.591.0   7.103.5 Salem, OR
W7IJ 3.591.0   7.103.7   10.139.5   14.110.0 Roy, WA
KA7CTT 7.107.2 Vancover, WA
VE7RAH 3.591.5   3.615.0   7.091.0 Sooke, BC
K6IXA 10.143.7   14.102.7 Atwater, CA
VE6DXI 3.591.5   7.091.0 Edmonton, AB

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Easy to Build Emergency Repeater

See the Technical Page for instructions on how to build an emergency 2-meter repeater using two cross-band radios! 

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Oregon Section Information

ARRL's Oregon Section News:  This link will give you the latest news from Oregon Section.

Oregon's OEM ARES Unit has a web page up and running.  The State Emergency Communication Plan is available here.


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