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One of my most enjoyable aspects of the hobby is Antenna theory and building.
Have a tree filled yard affords me the availability to build numerous wire antennas.
What for some Amateurs would be a headache, not being able to erect a tower with some many trees for me became an warm welcomed advantage.
With an abundance of Antenna building info available to us, are choices are endless.
My two personal favorites are still the Delta Loop and the Vertical.
With new ideas and info forthcoming this page will update accordingly.
I invite E MAILS of new and exciting H.F. Antenna theory.

My current Antennas are as follows:

Commercial Antennas



IMAX 2000 Vertical

This 5/8 wave 10 meter vertical is one of the best deals on the market today. About $65.00 buys it and after pruning a couple of inches off the top it is usable from 10-15 with no tuner and down to 20 meters with tuner.
As you can see from the picture I have this vertical stuck into a tree, supported by 30 feet of antenna masts strapped to a tree. Great antenna for local ragchew and DX.


2 Element Delta Loop Driven Array

Light weight 2 element Delta Loop Driven Array for 10 Meters. Dual driven elements produce nice gain for such a short boom. Very low windload was the reason for this choice.
This beam is mounted on a roof tower and is about 1 wavelength above ground. Great DX Antenna

Home-Brew Antennas

Click for full size picture

17 Meter Moxen Rectangle

The high front to back ratio is extremely convenient as you can move the antenna in order to reduce interference from other stations located on the back of the main beam.  The MOXON's gain over a dipole is about 4 decibels, this antenna is mounted about 23 feet about ground on my roof tower. Click this link to see my Moxen Project


       40 Meter Horizontal Loop (Plus other Antennas)

Used mainly on 40 and 15 meters. Can be used from 10-40 meters. This antenna is a full wavelength of wire configured in a triangle(Delta). . This Delta loop is setup as a cloud burner bouncing off the ground at only 25 feet.Low noise, good gain, nice takeoff angle makes this antenna a real winner

Great easy all band antenna

80 Meter Zep

88 feet of wire center feed with 300 ohms twin lead. Tuner a must. Great backup and all around antenna, works all bands 10-80 with good performance. I use this Zep mainly on 80 meters, although short works very well.


20 Meter Vertical

Very simple low cost effective radiator. This simple ground plain works surprisingly very well, most of the time outguns my full size 40 meter loop on DX.   Claim to fame for me with this antenna is the location is 30 feet off the ground in a tree in the center of my backyard over good ground. Also living close to the ocean, verticals have a very good takeoff angle.

3/2 wavelength loop

17 Meter 3/2 Wavelength  Delta Loop

3/2 ( 3 halves)Wavelength Delta Loop for 17 meters. This antenna is suspended vertically but is horizontally polarized. Fed with 300 ohms twinlead, antenna also works great on 10-20 meters. Easy yet effective antenna to build and use. Nice low angle take off and some gain makes this antenna a real  winner.