Spending numerous hours on the Moxen Project site I came up with a design that would suit my needs. I needed a design that I could mount on a mast underneath an existing beam.
I used the MOXON Rectangle Generator and also applied the insulated wire calculation ( 0.95804 x length given by generator) given by Allen, KG4JJH ( Thanks Allen) to compensate for the difference in velocity factors from bare wire to insulated wire.
Construction Materials:
(1) 4-20 Foot Crappie Poles- Used for elements
(2) 2 PVC T's- Used for boom to element connection
(3)PVC pipe- Used for mast 
(4)Budwig dipole connector HQ-1 -Used for connecting 50 Ohms coax
(5) 2 U-Clamps- Used to connect boom to mast
(6) Tape- Electrical tape & two faced tape
(7) 50 Ohms coax

Let's start building

-First I started out building the mast from the PVC-T's and PVC pipe.Click for full size pictureClick for full size picture and although the PVC fits snugly into the T connectors I also drilled a hole and inserted a screw for extra added protection.

-Next was to open up the 4-20 foot Crappie Poles. Out of each pole I removed the 3 top sections for later use(explained later) and now the poles are very rigid.Click for full size picture

-Now it was time to connect the poles into the T's for make the elements.Click for full size picture I used the 2 face tape to wrap around the poles prior inserting them into the T connector, then applied electrical tape.

-Some of the extra pieces of the crappie poles are used now to support the elements so they don't droop.Click for full size picture

- Basic frame finished Click for full size picture

- The extra pieces of crappie poles really come into play now as we used them to finish making the rectangle frame. Click for full size picture We left one side disconnected until after we mount it on the mast.

-Now it is time to start building the antenna itself Click for full size picture

-We use 2 U clamps as our boom to mast mechanism 000moxen9.jpg (44163 bytes)

- Finished project, 17 meter Moxen Rectangle mounted right where we wanted it. Click for full size picture


- Initial test prove better than expected, SWR 1.3 to1, although 17 meters was pretty dead made contact into Texas and was happy with my 5-8 with just 100 watts. Antenna seems to turn fine but want to add more tape to elements for more stability.


- After initial testing the antenna, it seemed to work fine, now we had to reinforce the elements and raise the antenna for better performance. Now, after raising the antenna to get it off the roof a little more we contacted KF3R, Ed in Florida. Ed gave us a signal report of 15 over 9, not bad using only 100 watts. 000moxenfin.jpg (103955 bytes)
The antenna seems to have a very good front to back ratio, we are using a 88 foot center fed zep as a comparison and after raising the antenna the Moxen beats the zep every time and also hears signals the zep does not.

CONTACT PAYDAY - 7-8-04 @ 13:01 UTC. Contact Yas, JA8NFV, Hokkaido Island, Japan. Yas was using a 5 element Yagi with a kilowatt and I was using the Moxen with 100 watts and we were 5-9 + both ways!

I wanted to express my appreciation to the time spent to all the contributors of the Moxen Project site.