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About Me

~Here's a few ham links to start things off~

Colorado ARES Site
Colorado ARES District 10 Site
Colorado ARES District 11 Site
Pat Lambert's (W0IPL) Site (ARES District 11 Training coordinator)

~Favorite Software sites~

Nonags - Mostly freeware with (you guessed it) no nag screens, etc...
download.com - cNet's file download site

~Here's some software I use and recommend~

Trillian - THE instant messenger - supports Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, and IRC
H9KClock - HAL 9000 clock, supports multiple clocks, skinnable, NIST updates from the internet, even through firewalls with socks
UI-View - Great APRS program for Windows
Code Quick - Morse code instruction

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