Pet Peeves Collected off the Internet

when you e-mail your friends on a regular basis, and they have to use your subject instead of picking their own, I hate that picking a subject is not that hard to do for crying out loud, so when I send one out with out a subject at all they respond with a FW: and still no subject!!

When someone in your house decides to use the phone two seconds before you were about to connect to the internet. Then you have to wait an hour for them to finish their conversation when you only wanted thirty seconds to send an important email! Get Ricochet :) Its Wireless

When someone sends a chain letter with a disclaimer, "I hate these things and I usually delete them, but . . ." Next time, go with your first instincts. Bad luck comes from people acting out of stupidity. Cheap email client we have at work forces me to type internet ("...") whenever I send an outbound email. what a pain...
(Web Sites)
computer people who couldn't lucidly explain anything if their life depended on it. I especially like how, when writing, they basicly all mispell the same words, as if it were genetic trait of the profession. And I find it endearing when a key letter is left of an important word. "But it's obvious what I meant." Oh yeah? Well FAQ you!
People who jam the copier and walk away.

The co-worker that shows up in the late afternoon, sets down a huge stack of paper in my inbox, and smiles when she asks, "How is your workload?"

A hovering supervisor.
voice mail menu access 1 for 2 to 3 to speak to a customer representative... arrrrrrrrrh!!!..i swear it takes about 20 minutes just to get to talk to a live person
When a station has a special show on and has to cram the commercials for their regular programming down your throat.

When a station starts airing ads for the next episode of  a show immediately after the show is over. (And every 5 minutes until next week.)

When a station shows a commercial for a program that already played earlier that night.

When a station plays a commercial for a show on another station owned by the same company.

When shows don't have a 5 second leave/return between the commercials.

When a news broadcast claims they have something of interest coming up and wait until the final 45 seconds of the program to tell you about it then run out of time and have to rush through it.

When a late night talk show: a) has a musical guest on. Chances are they suck. b) has more than 2 guests on. Usually someone gets shafted with the 5 minute end-of-show/credits-rolling appearance.

When the TV guide (or Preview guide) doesn't match up to the channel broadcasts. When a station is "blocked due to FCC regulations".

Those annoying station ID logos in the bottom right corner.
Regional dialect like New England's neglect of the letter "r" in words like CAR. (CAH) and Pittsburgh PA's neglect of the letter "w" in words like DOWN. (DON/DAHN) Improper speech like "needs fixed" "needs polished" "needs cleaned" "Do you want smacked?".

People who insist on saying things like "ATM Machine" and "PIN Number". [Ed. note: I assume B. means spelling them out]

People who repeat themselves several times or keep asking you the same question over and over even though you already have given them the answer.

People who say, "How are you doing?", but don't really care.

Having to say the nine syllables of 'www' all the time in front of URLs when I'm talking to someone. I've tried shortening it by saying '3 double-yous', 'triple- double-you', 'triple-wa', and 'wubba wubba wubba'. But I think they're all lacking. (2nd is my fave so far.)

When someone continues a conversation you were having earlier (sometimes even from another DAY), exactly where the conversation left off, and expects you to know exactly what they are talking about!

People who are introducing other people in a public gathering and have not taken the time to find out how to pronounce the names of the people they are supposed to be honoring. It only takes a minute, and makes the world of difference.

People who interrupt you, then get insulted when YOU try to finish your story or conversation.

Try to have a converstation with a teenager in this part of the country and every third word is "like". "Like, how are you, man?" ""Like I'm fine, like". Like, enough already.
The fact that cars all have different directional signal speeds. Why isn't that standardized?

People who leave their directional signal on (and you are in the car listening to it TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK...)

People who insist on riding your bumper down country roads in the absolute worst weather.

School buses that go half the speed limit on a 40 MPH road.
People who think that letterbox movies are blocking out the picture at the top and bottom.

People who will search all over the house for the remote instead of walking the few feet to turn the appliance on. (TV, Stereo)

People who wear headphones and sing. People who think a 3.5" floppy is a Hard Disk. People who call HD space 'memory'.

People who use their computer as a plant stand.
When you're waiting on the platform and you see the train coming in the distance and you're in the exact spot that you know the train door will open and someone (pretending to only be looking for the train) steps in front of you, causing you to now be out of place!

A T & T has ONE toll-free phone #, that's automated, so you can't ask questions. Sneaky, very sneaky!

Guests showing up at a hotel on a sold out night wanting a room, who then want to fight with me when I inform them that we are sold out. They then say: "What would you do if the President (or someone equally famous or important) showed up, you'd find them a room!" I tell them "The President makes reservations.!"
(of course this story sounded better before all of the Clinton stuff)

Everytime you get up from your chair, or go near the door, the dog races to the door like he has to go out right now or else ! ....and he just came in 5 minutes ago.

When people walk or drive incredibly slow right in front of me!! It's so rude, because they do it just to annoy me. Especialy when they see your a Delivery Driver trying to be on time to make Customer Service and a Buck.

The idot that crashes through a group waiting for an elevator to push an up button thats already lit.

The joker that sticks his hand in the almost closed doors and delays 10 people because he's late. As a teacher, my husband hates when students get in "ready to leave" mode, packing up their books, putting away pens and paper, when it's NOT time to go yet, when there are still up to 20 minutes of class left!!

People who call into a talk station and start their comment with 'Now I'm a good Christian, but..' usually they have something pretty nasty and hateful to say!

When you are only feet away from entering an elevator and a kind person, already onboard, hits the close door button and you left waiting for the next cart.

Ever been to ALDI's? They keep their shopping carts chained up outside. To use one, you actually have to put in a quarter. And it's not the honor system like the mall, where you can steal a big shopping bag just by pretending to put in a dime, you actually have to put the coin in. and, if you think you can just grab a cart that someone else has already, think again, the regular patrons of this store will literally demand a quarter from you or they will lock the d*** carts back up!!!
People who are too lazy to check their blind spot before changing lanes.

Folks who can't seem to understand what those lines on the street mean. Especially when they decide, within 50 yards of the traffic light, that they want to turn left, not right!

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who pass me when I'm speeding.

When you go to make a right hand turn and the guy turning left in the lane next to you keeps inching forward, even though he has *no* reason to, and you can't see around him.

You're waiting to cross a busy thoroughfare...looking both ways waiting for a break in the're clear one way, but there's somebody coming the other ... and at the last minute they indicate they're going to you're stuck again....*harumph*

When you are at a parking lot exit that has two lanes, right or left turn, and some butthead in a van or pickup or SUV pulls up in the exit lane next to you, but has to creep a little forward so you cant see around them and you have to wait for them to pull out so you can see the road again. I mean come on, they can see over the top of you, why do they have to pull forward?

When people drive the wrong way in a parking lot
(especially when he/she gets the space you were going to) Hmmmmm Open Thy eyes

When you are on the highway and someone misses their exit and think that it is okay and acceptable to back up and take the one they missed

When you are taking someone home for the first time and while you are driving at breakneck speed they cry out "There it is"

With all the left turn lanes in towns, drivers don't pull in them completely, they leave the rear of their car in your lane.

When someone is in the left turning lane and doesn't pull into the intersection under the light to wait to turn. They sit sometimes for 2 lights, which means so do I and that really irks me.

When people drive cars that are silver or light blue in the rain with no lights on,then give you the finger when you pull out in front of them.

When inconsiderate drivers don't understand the meaning of "passing lane", and think that as long as you're doing the speed limit, you can drive in it. It's for PASSING, not for CRUISING! Get it?

Didn't they change the law for bicyclers to ride WITH traffic! I hate it when cyclers ride against traffic, especially on a main road. Unless you can go at least 70, stay on the less traveled roads, and remember go WITH traffic!

How about people who drive without their lights on overcast, gray, gloomy days and their cars just happen to blend into the landscape. Inteligance?
When you tell people you are Armenian and they have no clue what it is. Then you have to spend an hour telling them where it is, the history, and how to spell their names in Armenian, (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

People who take 3 year-old children to see "Blade", at 12am. I work selling tickets to various events, my peeve is when 2 or 3 people come up and one person just slaps a 20 or whatever down and then just look at you. Hard to believe folks but we don't have ESP, you have to tell us how many tickets you want!

People, who ask, "Can I ask you a question?" Doesn't really give me a choice, does it?

When people you just met think they're trying to be real friendly by shortening your name, i.e., Andrew = Andy, Sandra = Sandy, when you clearly introduced yourself the way you wished to be addressed.

When people use the term "reverse racism" or "reverse discrimination." There's no such thing as reverse racism! Racism is racism, no matter who is being discriminated against!

People see you everyday at work and they still can't get your name right
(especially when its only a 3 letter name!)

When a guest blames me for the airline not delivering their bags on time! Hey Bark up the Right Tree ok?

People who can't receive a compliment

People who believe shopping carts have homing devices which will guide them back to their proper places, so they can just leave them wherever they finish with them.

Idiots who walk RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE of the parking lot aisle when they are going to or from the store and you are trying to find a parking space!! Dummies! Is walking on the sides so that cars can pass really that difficult of a concept??

When tourists absolutely REFUSE to use crosswalks.. they figure they bought the ticket for the cruise and the town was part of the purchase price!!!

When people complain about how slow there computer is and blame it on Microsoft products.

Public restrooms that are just that!!! no stalls or better yet no stall and the entrance is a straight shot to the world......or the one that tops it off is one can and no stall and no lock on the door and the door is too far from the toilet to be able to hold the door shut... and you really must go now cuz you can't hold it any longer............ oh ya and this is a busy truck stop......(I hate when that happens) and did I mention they're out of paper course find that out after the fact Go into the bathroom at work, sit down, and then realize - hey no toilet paper! And to top it off, I *know* the boss was the last one in there. What, she's too good or too important to put a fresh roll on when she uses the last? Or does she think that the employees don't deserve to wipe their butts?
When the government has nothing better to do than WASTE about two hundred millions dollars a DAY on the "war on drugs". Where is all the money that should improve schools or feed the poor or allow me to collect Social Security in twenty five years going to?
People who won't bargain. Every other day people come to the door trying to get me to convert to one weird religious cult or another. I tell them: "Okay, I'll convert to your weird religious cult if you convert to _my_ weird religious cult." It's such a deal, but no takers yet. They seem to be unclear on the concept.

When your roomate eats all of your food! and dosen't put a penny in the pot to pay for the food in the first place

Worse than weak coffee? Weak coffee snobs that think Starbucks is quality grind. When you're shopping in the frozen food aisle and some dolt opens the freezer door and then stands there reading all the labels with the door wide open. Then when *I* want to look through the door at what's in there, it's all frosted over. Get a clue. There's a reason the glass on the doors is "clear." Energy-wasting idiots! Arghhh!
When I call my bank to find out who I wrote check #xxy out to which the recorder so kindly announces as cleared.....and it takes me ten minutes to go through the "If you know your account number.. click one..if you don't click two..if you want to know if your checks have cleared click three"...and ten minutes later it says " if you STILL want to talk to a real the star key"..I hate that especially if I clicked star key ten times already and it says "This is not a valid option"

People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my watch is buddy, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the bathroom is?

Going through the drive-thru at McDonald's, ordering a large order of fries, only to be asked "You want fries with that??" Sheesh!!!!! "If I wanted fries I would have Stated so"

Celebrity singers who feel they have to reinvent (and butcher) the National Anthem at major sports events. I enjoy these detailed youthful peeves... so easily applied to everyone ;-) It really irks me when . . . 1. my marching band director lets us out 10 minutes late from rehearsal! 2. people say they're going to do something and never do it! 3. people say one thing and do another. 4. I, myself, say things without thinking. 5. you apologize to someone (many times) for saying/doing something to them you didn't mean, and they never forgive you. 6. people don't even attempt to get to know you and just judge you by what they've heard from others. 7. people cuss for no reason (I'm kind of included in this one)! 8. friends (supposedly that's what the are) come up to my locker just to get candy! Then they just walk away without even staying to chat. 9. people think I'm rich just because I live in an 'upper-class' subdivion and my parents both own businesses. Big damn deal! (OOPS) 10. people favorite players other than my brother on the college soccer team. 11. girls try to start fights with me (I'm also a girl) because of some little thing I did that doesn't even concern them in the first place! Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I hate it when my friend  tells me that he'll drop by at 2:00pm but he actually drops by at 2:15 but he drives his friend's car so I don't recognize him and he honks but the street noise is too loud plus the girl serving me my coffee is flirting with me so I don't notice My Friend and he drives away and I have to take the train home but the train is running late 'cause it's government regulated plus I can't get a seat and... anyway don't you hate that? ;)

When people put way too many Christmas lights on their house and all over their yard with no type of layout or design in mind. Just a stand here and there, one on the tree, one up the side of the house, a few on the roof. THEN, if they outline their house with them and some of them blink and some of them don't. Either they should all blink or none of them should.hmmmmmmm Stand Back and Throw them to see where they land :)

Wow they start the holiday season out by playing a Christmas song here and another one there, working their way up to Christmas Eve when its nothing but Christmas songs. Then, WHAM! 300pm Christmas Day they are back to regular music. They need to wean us off them over the week leading to New Years.

Offend or not there is mothers out there, who bring their toddlers and babies to the mall during the height of Christmas shopping. 1.) They don't watch where they are going. 2.) They move to slow and have the habit of cutting you off. 3.) How could you put your child on a leash? bringing kids to the Mall at the height of Christmas season. the strollers of death. I swear I have had my heels clipped thousands of times by mothers not looking while pushing a stroller. Or they run over your toes. I hate that so much, what's it take to look where you are going?

People who wait till their order is rung up and you've given them the total before they start digging for their checkbook. Which is also an Express line

Default Parents who remove merchandise from their child's mouth and hand it to you, saliva and all, to scan the price

Parents who let their kids pick up half the store and then bring it to checkout for you to return to stock, because they never wanted it anyway, just didn't want to tell the kid "No".

When you are trying to get those last minute Christmas gifts and there are mall zombies walking around the stores. They walk so slow, taking up the whole aisle, with their eyes all glazed over like someone just whacked them upside the head with a two-by-four. They are totally zoned out like they were just released from the shock treatment ward. And there is no way to get past them. If you go left, they go left. Then they'll suddenly speed up a bit. So you make your move to follow them... and they totally jam on the brakes, making you bump into them. They just stare off into space like all their focus is now on generating some sort of constructive thought. Well forget it!! You haven't got any! JUST STAY HOME AND KEEP OUTTA MY @#$%'N WAY!!!!!!!! .......oh yeah, and have a Merry Christmas....Or have you already started (Belch) Christmas:

People who "beg" you not to get them gifts...and then pout when you don't

Competitive decorators (i.e., gotta keep up with John Doe next door)

Shoppers who wait until the last week and then bitch about the crowds

People who wait in the car with their foot on the brake while their spouse is in the store shopping...and idiots like myself who sit waiting for them to move, thinking they are leaving

Presents boxed in 16 different boxes (one inside the other), or covered with half a roll of packaging tape...the kind you need a chainsaw to cut

The infamous, impersonal gift certificate

The cash register scanner has problems with an item and the person behind you acts as though you did this on purpose!! (Which leads to another...)

Stores that don't put price tags on items (even one on the shelf would be nice) thereby forcing you to either hunt down a sales rep (yeah right!) or change your mind at the register due to the high price.

Cashiers who get angry because you decide to decline an item due to the price...which you couldn't have known since it wasn't marked

Over-sized farm machinery on public roads during heavy traffic. No matter if you are in a big hurry or not, you can't pass the things!!

Spelling and grammar mistakes on publications that reach thousands or millions. Where are the language skills running off to? Somehow, the two seem related. A nation of idiots.... but they don't have any marijuana to smoke, thank the God we trust.

People who walk down the aisles of the store - and stop right smack in the middle as if there are no more people in the entire store! HELLO When you're in a crowded place - please realize that you aren't the only person there - and if you stop too quick - you're about to get smacked into, but you blame the person who ran into you!

I work in the cosmetics and fragrance department of a well known store - and it makes me so mad when parents are letting their kids do whatever they want in the store - for instance - playing in the makeup - NO IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!! Do you see that glass that you're kid is standing on - oops! there it went!!!!!

When a family member gives advice and they can't solve their own problems,But they seem to know how to solve yours and the problem of world peace, so they think!!!!!!!!! The difference between Good and Well. "Things are good, and done well." Bad and Poorly, "Things are bad and done poorly."

Parents who still insist on strolling around six and seven year olds, who happen to be whining (yes, sometimes both parent and child) at a frequency that even makes dogs howl?

Why do movie producers think they have to make a feature film of every old TV show. I heard they are doing a live action "Scoobey Doo". What's next, Hong Kong Phooey?, Laffalympics? Think of something original...
When stuck up girls stick out their chests trying to make them look fuller.

When your at a red light and the really ugly guy in the car next to you won't stop watching you....and continues to watch after the light is green and you pull away.

Going to the mall when you walk by a guy and he stares u up and down." Don't any of these girls know that being "looked up and down" is a COMPLIMENT by a guy?? (Unless they're GAY, of course, and then I can see how it would be an insult...) Just wait until they gain weight and nobody looks at them, PERIOD... (not just "up-and-down", but nada, zip, zilch, nil, and never, you know.... ) ...and you're gonna hear a whole new list of complaints!!!! For heaven's sake, girls, how about flashing a passing smile, no matter what the guy looks like...(wouldn't hurt to smile at everyone, you'd enjoy life a lot more....and so would the people looking at you!!!!) ... BUT if the guy suits your 'fancy'..and if it's appropriate, how about giving him a smile and a wink!! A woman without sex appeal or a sense of femininity, is a woman who's probably gonna be really miserable in later years!! I'm 53, and I know how much fun it was to be young!! I didn't waste my years being standoffish or "prideful".. I just enjoyed being alive and knowing that somebody thought I was pretty enough to BOTHER to look me up-and-down!! It is the biggest non-verbal compliment a man can pay a woman!! You don't have to 'sleep' with him*...just acknowledge his existence... AND it'll make you feel better about yourself, too!! Damn, I'd love to be 18 was Soooo much fun!!!! *big smile

People who refer to their hair in plural.....such as 'I need a haircut, they are getting too long' I am a hairdresser and this drives me crazy.

Scratchy tags in the necks of clothing. Why can't they at least make small tags?
People who chew with their mouths open, or talk with their mouths full. i really hate that. and it really drives me crazy when people have like two drops left in their glass, and they insist on slurping them up and making that NOISE. hello, there's nothing left, get a refill.

When you say "Thank you" and a person replies "UM HUM"--this is an epidemic in NYC.

Those people in my family who believe that every cupboard door is meant to be left open.

Butter with crumbs in it, Peanut butter with Jelly in it or vice-versa! Another thing, putting Honey in the fridge!!

When the person sitting behind you kicks the back of your seat... continuosly. How annoying!! (This could be Tactics too)

When you're at the mall and you're using the mac machine and people feel the need to stand so close to you! Or they stand at the side of the machine and watch you enter in your pin # and cash amount.

When you go into the supermarket and you only have a gallon of milk and every line, including the express line, has full carts.

When you're in a hurry in a supermarket and someone decides to park their cart in the middle of the isle so you have to stop and haul it over to the side in order to pass. One side or the other and Express line is for 10 items or less

Right In the middle of  a test someone repeatively clicks their pen or taps their damn pencil!!!

When I am in the elevator and my stop comes up and the idiot in front of me does not move even when I yell "EXUSE ME!" as the doors close in my face. We were always being reminded about be kind to your elders. The reason is blah, blah, blah. Why is it that when they need help the young ones respond with kindness and when the table is turned the young ones get rudeness(to put it nicely)?
When people say "you's guys." I guess they don't know that the word "you" is singular and plural.

When people get the words "affect" and "effect" mixed up. Unless you're talking about emotions (in which case affect could be a noun), affect is a verb and effect is a noun.
(So if you affect something, it will have an effect).

When people say "o you scared me to death" um you dont look dead to me. :) it is soo annoying when someone is having a conversation with you and when they talk they say UM, after every word. Are they Tuneing?

When someone repeatedly uses the word "right" while they are telling you about an event that happened to them that day. For instance, "I was going to the store, right, blah blah blah." I guess you were going to the store. I really don't know, I wasn't there. That's why YOU are telling the story and not me!

Why can't singers, especially country singers, pronounce the word "you". It almost always comes out "chew" i.e. How do I live without chew? Go to pronunciation school!
(Customer Service)
At the salad bar at a restaurant, there is pieces of eggs and carrotts in everything when you have been setting at a restaurant for 10 minutes and then they ask to take your order, oh, no thanx, I would like to sit here another 10 minutes and watch everyone else eat! Sitting in a doctor's waiting room, around all the sick people. The doctor is running late on his appointments. The staff does not even bother to tell you.

When you open a bag of chips and it's only half way full When you call a company for quick info and they spend 30 seconds saying "Good afternoon.Thank you for calling so and so company, my name is so and can I help you."...Geez...just say "So and so Company..what do you want"......oooooh This is so and so may I help you would be abit soothing :)

Have you noticed lately that rental car companies have moved past simple "No Smoking in Our Car" reminders to actually disconnecting the lighters? Yeah...if I smoke, I sure can't use my Zippo while driving....

What drives me nuts about this, travelling as much as I do, is not being able to use my cell phone, laptop, radar detector, or ANYTHING else while I'm in the car! In Canada everything on packaging has two languages, French and English. I can never find the English directions on frozen food products, or the ingredients, only seem to notice the French on a cereal box, always lose the English directions when I buy something new and am left with the French (like a recipe booklet for a bread maker or directions for a sewing machine). Obviously, I am English.

Ever been to Sam's Club? (large warehouse club store from the people that brought you Walmart) First, it's bad enough they actually charge you money for the privelage of shopping there, then you don't even get bags for your grocerys, you have to fight other shoppers for torn up old boxes. Finally, to cap it off, you can't just leave the store, you have to stand in another line and prove you bought everything in your box while some old guy tries to read your illegible receipt.
I do a lot of work at my job installing and upgrading computers. The peeve I have is when people think they know what they're talking about. All they do is make things take longer - I can't pay attention to what I'm doing when they keep asking questions like: "Can you put Microsoft 98 on here?" (Pointing to the floppy drive) "I save everything on hard disks." "I can't get my Microsoft WordPerfect to work." "I changed this filename from dog1.bmp to dog1.jpg and it still won't open in Netscape!" And then they try to diagnose their problems to me. "I put in a CD and now the hard disk is full. I need a new hard drive." "I need a new version of Netscape because this version makes the printer put lines across the page." (Toner cartridge needs to be replaced) And it drives me crazy when I go to fix a computer problem and people have their passwords on little Post-it notes on the monitor! So now, if somebody DOES tamper with their account, I'm automatically a suspect because I saw the password and I know how to use a computer!

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