Pet Peeves Collected off the Internet

A Package is droped on your doorstep with an Invoice attached. come on (Dont dig in my pocket) Door-to-door solicitors.

When you recieve a Email and you have to Scroll from left to the far Right to read the entire content sent grrrrr when someone gives you their email address or they write..and you write again..and they don't answer..why do they even bother to say, "Email me sometime"????? such a waste of time.. Recieving a Email it states if you want to unsubscribe reply to (a given address) after copy and paste the Damm email is returned Undeliverable or address is no good. (Spam tecnique) get you subscribed and you are stuck.

(Web Sites)
After all content of a Web Site is Downloaded your have to Scroll Left to Right to see whats there (Possible made on large Monitor?) :)

An almost empty milk container in the refrigerator. -- An unsolicited favor.. big GRRR Turning over a ketchup bottle only to have the separated liquid pour out onto my fries before the ketchup does. When people don't say good-bye when you hang up, they will just hang up with out some form of signature. That drives me nuts!!!!

No light bulbs when ya need 'em -- grrr (ok, ok, it's usually my own fault) When you try to get the toilet paper off the roll, and I am only able to tear off little pieces at a time because the roll itself is bigger than the slot it is in! The roll will not 'roll'.... arrrrgh!

adding the suffix -wise indiscriminately...! White people attempting Black slang... word. I really hate it when people put in writing the words hi and lo when they mean high and low or if they write nite when they mean night. It just really bugs me!! :-)

People on chat shows who punctuate each sentence with at least two occurences of the phrase "y'know".
People who finish every sentence with "you know what I mean"???? No..I didn't get it at all..say it all over again.
Saying "supposebly" for "supposedly."
College graduates who say nucular instead of nuclear and who say 'What it is is...' instead of 'It is...'.
People who use "your" instead of "you're"....ARGGGGGGggggggg!!! I hate when people use the word "literally" to add emphasis to what they really mean "figuratively". For instance, if I were to say "That literally drives me up the wall" when of course it does not *literally* drive me anywhere, it's a figure of speech. Misuse of "comprise." Admittedly a tricky word. It means, "to contain" or "to consist of." For example, "the US comprises of 50 states."
People who feel it necessary to use an apostrophe with every plural-- as in 'It was raining cat's and dog's.' How about when someone say's "Needless to say", and then they go ahead and say it. Shhheeeeesh.
Rappers who sample: a) show some originality guys!, and b) you've ruined my favorite 80's songs!!
To hear the overuse of the word "myself." Everyone, it seems, must use the word constantly....." He and myself witnessed such and such......or the tree just came out of nowhere to hit myself......" This word must be deleted from the English language before MYSELF BLOWS!!!!
Reference to people as "that" rather than "who;" ie: the girl that wore the red coat rather than the girl who wore the red coat.
Reconize instead of RecoGnize Libary instead of LibRary Using "Oriental" when referring to people (inanimate objects are Oriental, people are Asian) doing things "on accident" (Michigan) instead of "by accident" Dropping "ly" from adverbs "It was real hot." "He ran very quick." The use of "a lot" into one word "alot" when people say "anyways" instead of "anyway"

(classic language)
I hate it when people say that they "could care less." Well, if you COULD care less, that means that you do care. They obviously mean to say that they "couldn't care less," signifying no deference towards the situation at hand! [a nasty meme that one] People who say "To make a long story short" then go on for a half hour dissertation ... when it really should have been "To make a short story long". "I have a question to 'ax' you?" Well, they can "ask" all the questions they want but I get a bit leery when they want to "ax" me. (Incompetence)
When someone tells you they will take care of a situation, then they don't do anything about it, and they don't tell you that they didn't do anything.
Individual wished to unsubscribe... not feeling energetic enough to scroll down to the bottom of the message-- regular exercise and a healthy diet could probably fix that. If you would just stop sending me the [censored] mail then I wouldn't have to read the instructions [censored]. Mothers who pretend not to hear their whining children ALL OVER the store.
(getting on my last nerve!)
People who are too lazy to take the trash out so they will either pile it so high it falls all over the floor or stand on it so hard you need a jackhammer to empty it the can! when I am having a conversation with someone, and another person comes up and starts talking to the other person, right while I'm in mid-sentence. I always feel like saying "Hello... am I in the room?!" 1) using the last of the TP and not getting out another roll 2) using the last of the TP and putting new roll on roller 3) dripping on seat and not wiping after 4) men not preventing drop ins by returning seat to down position 5) stinking up the bathroom and not turning on the fan 6) toothpaste spit left to dry in sink 7) lid not being relplaced on toothpaste Public bathrooms Ok, I understand that some people are leery of public toilets. But if you're going to wrap the seat in toilet paper like a porcelain christmas present, the least you can do is unwrap it when you're done.
When trying to place an order at a fast food restaurant where there are multiple options to my selection ("I'd like a #2 special; crispy; spicy; all dark meat; with fries; diet coke; to go, please") and the order-taker keeps interrupting me before I can finish saying what I want ("do you want mild or spicy? crispy or regular? dark or light? for here or to go?")!!! I hate that--it's so rude!!! or Pull up to a drive thru, ("I'd like a Monster burger Please") then you are asked "would you like fries and a drink with that" Damm if I'd wanted fries and/or drink I would have stated that when order was given, then when you pull up to the window you sit there as though waiting for them to catch and butcher the beef.
Coworkers who expect more than they deliver people who enjoy talking but don't listen

Ever stand in front of an elevator then someone else comes and presses the button... as if you were had not already and was just standing there for something to do ??
People with a cell phone that is constantly answered by an answering service. Missing the point of the cell? Don in Windermere,BC People with cell phones on the bus or the train. If you could afford a cellular phone you shouldn't be riding the bus. Someone living in the projects driving around a Lexus People in airports trying to look important by "checking in with the office". Hey, buddy, I bet the office is glad you're gone. And if their staff can't handle a crisis, they either need better training or more authority.
People who take their pagers, cell phone, laptops on vacation. When traffic is backed up for about a mile and when you finally get to the front of the line, you find out that there was a minor wreck, or just somebody with their car pulled off the road.
People are so nosy and so busy rubbernecking, that they hold up all the traffic. super-organized people who fumble for their change while approaching a toll both, can't find it, start looking for it and then rear-end somebody, thus holding up the line for hours. That peeves me. But the worst kind are those who miss the guy in front, ram the toll both and knock it over. Then we all have to sit and wait for the booth to be repaired to pay our tolls. That really peeves me off! Especially when it happens at night and we have to wait till the next day.
When someone takes your belongings without asking, and when you question them about it, they go 'I knew you would lend it to me anyway.' And when you request politely for permission to borrow someone's belongings, she starts talking about how so-and-so still hasn't returned the 1 cent he borrowed 5 years ago.
How about if you go to take a shower an there is that nasty pair of washed panty hose hanging on the shower door We have a 5 line phone system. When there is a caller on one of the lines, the light next to that line blinks. Everyone has these lights on their phones. I hate when I tell someone that they have a call, and they look down at their phone, then ask me "On which line?" - WHEN THERE IS ONLY ONE LINE BLINKING. Helloooooooo....

When people drive behind you with their high beams on. They turn them down for on coming traffic but as soon as the oncoming car passes, back on go the highbeams right into your rearview and sideview mirrors!
People slamming on their brakes to avoid an errant chipmunk, without looking in their mirror to see my car about to crush their car.
People honking their car horn when they see a friend in traffic, as a substitute for waving. When you notice that your keys are still in the car as you slam the door.
Waiting at a 4-way stop for that driver that's been there since dawn and just won't go before the entire intersection's clear. [Reminds me of a scene from Steve Martin's "L.A. Story" --ed.]
Tall vehicles, like minivans, with tinted windows. A good way for the family to get rear-ended...
People who take no notice of "lane ending,merge,or lane closed" signs until the lane is gone, and try to squeeze in and cut off those with the patience and forethought to change lanes at the appropriate time.
People driving around with their auxiluary lights on at night blinding other drivers. When an oncoming car sees you at the stop sign and they never turn on the turn indicator to let you know they plan to turn onto the road you are coming off of.
People who don't proceed at a green left turn light, as if expecting the oncoming cars to approach. This is especially annoying if you're the 5th or 6th car back, knowing that these green arrows don't last too long.
My biggest peeve is when a driver chooses to drive in the passing lane and he maintains the same speed as the driver in the right lane - for endless miles!!(grr)
People who drive in my blind spot. "What's a blind spot??" *smash* Not stopping or pulling over when you hear a siren (ambulance or fire truck). I wish some day it will happen that they need the service and service is delayed because of idiots just like them that don't stop either.
Tailgating Those idiots who don't notice when you do use them properly, and nearly cream you from behind, then cuss YOU out cause THEY wheren't paying attention.
When you are driving and there are bikers in front of you; When they turn around and see you, and just keep riding in the middle of the road.
Turning does not have the right of way! Ok, you're sitting at an intersection. The guy in the car across the street facing you is in the turning lane to make a left turn. For some reason, people think that turning left gives them the right of way, so they pull out in the middle of the intersection to wait for all the thru cars to pass, then turn. Then, sometimes they even turn after the light is red because by then they're stuck out in the middle of the intersection and all of the other cars have to wait for them to get out of the way.
When you start out on your long early morning commute...on a two lane secondary road...and you get behind one of those new cars with the flashing brake lights...uhg!!!
When people get in a long exact change lane on a tollway and wait until they actually pull up to the basket to begin searching for their change, instead of having it ready in the first place! Those "wizards" on the highway who hop from lane to lane to lane (and then back again) in stop-and-go traffic thinking they're actually getting somewhere doing this. People whom merge onto the expressway at any speed lower than traffic flow. (next car purchase you make, get the gas pedal option!)
People that pull over for emergency vehicles on the other side of a divided road... (Read your damn drivers handbook!)
People who stop where there is no stop sign and wave you by. Kind of scary, cause you don't know if they going to decide to go anyways.
People who stop at every corner like there is a stop sign there
Highway entrance
People who stop before joining the highway without ever moving up ahead of the space to cautiously join the traffic When you wait at a four way stop and one car cuts you off right before it is your turn..and then proceeds to go down the street you are going down at 5 miles below the speed limit.
People who come to a dead stop at the first "lane ending, merge in 1500ft" and insist on immediately merging thereby blocking traffic and bringing both lanes to a complete standstill. The rest of us use the warning and the length of the lane provided to MERGE at a moving speed allowing traffic to continue to flow, albeit, more slowly than it would with all lanes open. Those who believe the word merge means "ram your car into the cars in the other lane and they'll move over." If you wanted to be in this lane, you should have gotten in it sooner. When some freak pulls out in front of me making me slam on my brakes..I check the rear view cars for miles... couldn't you have waited for one more car to go by??????????????
Women that put their makeup on while driving to work. Get a clue: DO IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! I like it when they hit a pothole & lipstick smears all over their face. Serves 'em right.
Women that put their makeup on while driving to work. Get a clue: DO IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! I like it when they hit a pothole & lipstick smears all over their face. Serves 'em right.
Women that put their makeup on while driving to work. Get a clue: DO IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! I like it when they hit a pothole & lipstick smears all over their face. Serves 'em right.
Try putting this addy in browser location

Answering the phone, only to be asked "Who is this?".
It is really nasty when somebody breathes into the phone when you're talking to them!
When you lend somebody a pen/pencil and they chew on it and then give it back. They might as well keep it after personalizing it!
The 6'6" movie-goer who picks the seat in front of me despite every other seat's availability. When people are about to give you a number and always say it's an 800 number before they tell it to you.
When people sit right next to you when you're trying to study and chew gum or some crunchy candy right next to your ear, then ask if they're bothering you
When someone calls you up and say "oh gosh...did I wake you up?" and I always have to reply "no, I had to get up to answer the phone."
When people are talking to you and they STARE at your mouth, your nose, your breasts, etc. INSTEAD of looking at YOU!!!! GOD, that's awful!!!
When people finish your sentences for you. and When people use their fingers for quotation marks.
When you're in the grocery store and some NIMROD is standing right in the middle of the aisle "chit-chatting" with someone else? And, here you come, and they don't have the brains to get out of the way. Of course, they aren't displaying much intelligence by standing there in the first place... You have to say "excuse me" in order for them to move. When, in reality I always want to add a few choice words as well. Say "Excuse me, peeve." in a polite voice. When you ask your husband or mate to do something and he/she says sure and when hours pass and it still hasn't been done and you ask why they say they'll do and it still hasn't been done by the time your ready for bed,, so you end up doing it yourself. [Maybe they're annoyed by run-on sentences and are merely exacting revenge?] ;)
When your boyfriend/girlfriend tells you that you would never find another person like them. You are breaking up with them because of what they do or what they are like; you don't want nobody like them.
wrong numbers
People who hang up on you without apologizing after calling you by accident.
When you answer the phone "this is [so and so's] office, and they say "is this [so and so's] office?
People who are walking directly in front of you at a decent pace, but then stop short all of a sudden to talk to someone and have the nerve to look annoyed when you run into them at mach 10.

(Manners/lack thereof)
People who come barging through the door you just opened for your own passge as if you are some sort of doorman or something.
When trying to take a test and EVERYONE in the class keeps coughing or clearing their throat. Or when the person next to or behind me smacks their gum. Close your mouth and shut up! when people chew their gum with their mouths open like a cow when people chew their food with their mouths open...i mean for god's sake, chew with your mouth best friend sits behind me in health class, and while she eats her apple, she chews in my ear. and when i ask her to please stop, she thinks i'm joking, which just makes it worse... pinheads who can't figure out that there are people sitting around you at the movie theater: SHUT YOUR STINKIN' PIEHOLES!!! If you can't control your diarrhea of the mouth, then STAY HOME!!! I didn't pay my $7 to listen to a bunch of amateur Siskels and Eberts give a running commentary on what I'm perfectly capable of seeing with my own two eyes! So SHADDAP!!! If it wasn't for jabberjaws like you, movies wouldn't have to be so frickin' LOUD these days! Durn fool idjits!
Nose blowing at the table (gross!)
Right after you sit down in a nearly empty restaurant the most obnoxious people sit next to you despite the fact that they had THE ENTIRE PLACE available to them, and yes, they have either a screaming kid, are talking about politics as loud as leaf blowers, or a couple having a petty arguement!!! STAY HOME!!! Little teenage boys and their loud car stereos blaring out irritating bilge that sounds a lot like bitching to some kind of drum beat! Where's my slingshot?!?
Standing in line at the grocery store and the person behind me is (A.) standing so close I can feel their breath on me, or (B.) not paying attention to what they are doing with their shopping cart, which is ramming into me. Apparently, this makes the line move faster for them.
(Won't you be my neighbor?)
People who will leave their huge, barking dog outside all day (preferably in the A.M. hours) to bark for about 18 hours straight. Especially on the weekends when it's sleep-in time.
Why do people with the loudest stereos ALWAYS have to listen to the WORST music and drive up and down your street 5 times (still in the A.M. hours)?
People who think that their beer gut/breasts is for the whole world to see. (In the still un-named category we'll call logistics..)
When people stop and talk in the middle of a crowded hallway when others need to pass, but they don't move. Walking down the hall way coming at you are 3-4 people abreast, you need to get by, THEY are NOT going to move!!!!! Then you get dirty looks because you had to squeeze by (and yes I do say excuse me and nicely). It's like playing chicken.

An answer to the lady who complained about other drivers' high beams on in your rearview mirror and side mirrors. All you have to do to these rather rude and selfish drivers is adjust your inside rearview mirror to night setting and their lights will reflect in your mirror and bounce back at them. Smile!! I love doing that. You can also adjust your side mirror to do the same. Try that next time. You will get great satisfaction.
How about the bike lane line-tracing bike-riders? I can't figure out, are they practicing for drawing class or for sobriety tests? Hmm.
The dirt-bike-riding 40-year old on the laneless freeway overpass. "What is he getting ready for?"
People who kind of stand to the sides of a line and try to "merge" in with it when no one is looking instead of going to the end of the line and waiting like everyone else had to do!
The fellow that needs change from the offering plate.
When a politician puts signs up in every yard (sometimes two to a yard) along a given street. As if we didn't see the first one!
Those little pieces of plastic and filling which they put under meat when they package it. It becomes stuck to the bottom of the meat and you practically need a crowbar to pry it loose! "Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, but I'd like to complete my shopping without running your blockade." "Excuse me, before you get out the pictures of the kids to share, could you move your cart so I can get by? Thanks!" "Excuse me, but I have frozen foods here, and I don't want them to melt before I get to the checkstand." and, alternately, "Whoa, you've got some frozen foods defrosting there, maybe you could continue your conversation after you check out?" "Excuse me, but the shopping protocol is to pull your carts to one side offset from each other so folks like me can pass without smacking your carts....... thanks!" But usually I just say, "Hi... I'm here to do some shopping..... d'ya mind if I get past your reunion?"

People who leave a 1/4 cup in the coffee pot so they dont have to brew a pot!!! damn them all!!!
People who change the type of paper on the printer.... print what they want then DON'T change it back!!! aaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!! like i have nothing better to do then clean-up after these jerks! or..... What about the people who complain because their print job isn't printing like 2 SECONDS after they send it...... so they send it again just as the first copy starts to print..... take it and leave...... then you get to wait for yours while their SECOND copy prints out!!!!
People who call you on the phone to ask you for a phone number and when I say "sure it's 924-.." they immediately say "hold on let me get a pen, oh ok" you did not know you were going to need one when you called me ?????
When I call someone and the person answering the phone says their usual greeting, I then ask to speak to whomever I am attempting to contact and then the person answering the phone asks."May I say who is calling?" I usually reply with, "Sure, go ahead." That usually elicits another repetition of, "May I say who is calling?" To which I generally reply, "Well, you have been able to talk so far, why should you ask my permission to tell them who I am? Go ahead and tell them!" Many times this continues until I want to drive over and choke the life out of them. All they need to do is ask me who I am, not if they can tell someone who I am!

The broken wheel on the shopping cart at the grocery store
When you drive all the way out to the grocery store to get one thing, get there and buy a ton of junk food and other stuff, the realize on the way home that you forgot to get the one thing you came for
When they fill your cup so full of whipped cream at the coffee shop that you don't have room to put the lid on
The little >>> things on the side of EVERY line in an e-mail
When there's another person in your class/office/etc. that has your name first name, so when someone tries to call either of you, two heads snap around and ask, "Which one?"
Cell phones in the movie theater.
When people (i.e., Madonna) just add a Brit accent when they've never even lived there...BLOODY PEOPLE!!!
When spiders build their web on your bike (preferably your handlebars)
Idiots who still insist on announcing to the host they are "a long time listener, first time caller" before they make their comment.
When someone calls you at work, you're not there, so a colleague will call out to you to tell you that your phone is ringing, and then wait for you to run for it (and then miss it) when they could have answered it and taken a Message

When $1.00 is taxed time after time Example $1.00 thats taxed when something is purchased (Sales) then the same Buck is taxed as a Tip (Gratuity)
When people come to the drive up window and pick up all the change that you've dropped when people order their food with out Pickles when they're so easy to PICK off when you repeat their order back twice, then take their money and then they decide that you forgot something and insist that it's your fault
When you ask the customer if they would like anything else and they say no, then continue to add items to the order
Parents who yell at their children to hurry up and order, then take twice as long themselves Teenage girls who think they're cute when they order Happy Meals, especially when they're not (Anvil-Dropping)
When someone prefaces a statement with "To be honest with you..." What does this imply about the previous statements she said? Are likely to be lies?

Computer novices who redefine the term.
People who can't remember their passwords..... 'guy, i forgot my password again.....' *batting their eyelashes* like i think it's CUTE or something.... so i always change their password to 'remember' .... heheheheh ohhhh the satisfaction of it or..... stupidity?

I can't stand it when someone starts talking to you about something and then doesn't finish the conversation and says "Oh, I don't want to talk about it anymore, let's just forget it." Also, when someone says they have to tell you something but it will have to wait till later. Just tell me what you have to say when you can actually talk about it!
Why can't everyone use the butter without getting a bunch of crumbs in it?!
People who chew gum when they talk on the phone. GROSSSSS!!!!
Tuna fish breath.
An angry comedian.
Long notes in pop diva songs. As David Spade once said about the Whitney Houston movie "The Bodyguard" "And Iiiiii....eeeeiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii..... want my money back."
People who stand in one place on an escalator and block you from passing through (especially when you are in a hurry).
People who don't return shopping carts to the proper place in the parking lots. They just give them a shove when they're done loading their car.
Someone takes a bite of a chip or veggie and then dunks it back into the dip bowl. Go ahead and lick the bowl, because it's all yours now.
A food server carries my glass with a thumb inside the rim.
A food preparer, careful to wear plastic gloves, scratch their head, ear, etc., and then continue to prepare food. People come out of a public restroom stall and leave without washing their hands. If there was ever a time and a place, this is it. Especially at restaurants, when I know that they are either going to cook the food, serve the food or eat the food. people say that mold is okay to eat, because it's just penicillin and THEY MEAN IT.
When youre using the bathroom and its totally empty, then someone comes in and takes the stall RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! as if there werent 10 other ones to choose.
When i go to use the toilet and find that the gracious person using the stall before me left the toilet seat WET!
When i use the bathroom and only after im done do i notice that theres no more toilet paper.
When people, in order to check if anyone is in the bathroom, go stall by stall poking their head under the door and find that, yes, there IS someone in the bathroom.
When people leave hair on the soap after they take a shower or when they do not rinse out the bathtub. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you have a fight with someone (however small the thing you were fighting over might be) and then seconds later they act as if nothing happened and you're still the best of friends. I'm sorry, but it takes me more than 5 seconds to get over something!
How about when you say something to "Can you hand me a pencil" and they say "What?"..and you KNOW they heard you!!!!!

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