Linn County Amateur Radio Emergency Services


Call your state Senator and Representative today

 and tell them that HB2597 will have a negative impact

 on the ability of Amateur Radio Emergency Services

 to be of help during any disaster that occur in Oregon.


Congratulations!  Mike Kearney is the Linn County Sherif's Office

Volunteer of the Year ARES 2016

From the September 2016 issue of QST Magazine's article on the Cascadia Rising SET.

First on the left is Burt Hotchkiss K3BRT Sweet Home, Oregon.

ARES is a national organization operating under the auspices of the American Radio Relay League.  It's purpose is to provide communications in the event of emergency. In addition, to hone their skills, many Amateurs provide radio communications during public events, such as races, walks and fund raisers.  LCARES Inc. also works in cooperation and in support of ARES organizations in Linn County .

Regular member meetings are held on the forth Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the briefing room of the Linn County Sheriff's Office.


To join LCARES or for more information, contact Vaughn, W0ULF,

ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Linn county at W0ULF@HOTMAIL.COM

The Linn County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Group consists of:

LCARES Officers

LCARES President Roger Emery W7ACW LARES President Merlin Egan WA7MAE
Vice Pres. Tony Masvidal W7PCU LARES VP/Sec. open
Secretary / Treasurer Denise Emery N7OSU Operations AEC  Vaughn Phillips W0ULF
 Trustee Nick Heineck WL7K Training Officer   Roger Emery W7ACW
ARRL EC Vaughn Phillips W0ULF VEC Harlan Neal N7HN
Albany Hospital AEC Roger Emery W7ACW Lebanon Hospital AEC Roger Bury KC7OM

Linn Benton Community College AEC

Duane Jensen KG7AHP

Digital Communications AEC

/Official Emergency Station

Vaughn Phillips W0ULF

along with over 60 other amateur radio operators in Linn County

that have seen the need to organize and prepare to provide emergency communications

and donate their valuable time to that end.


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