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 AMTOR - PACTOR - PSK31 - RTTY - etc.
AirMail 3.1: Pactor mail software for sending/resceiving e-post messages via digital mailbox in Pactor. The software is made special for SCS® PTC-II Multimode Pactor-2 controllers, may also be used with Kantronics KAM+ and PK-232, and other compatible controllers. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
(Updated 22.Nov.2002*). (3.2M).
Amtor/Packet Link v.7.01: APLINK Packet Radio BBS / AMTOR Gateway. Amtor/Packet program for all multimode-TNCs. DOS.
(Updated 18.Apr.1994). (405K).
Blaster TeLetype V1.51: Blaster TeLetype (BTL) uses the Soundblaster card and a 386DX or better to receive and transmit radio teletype (RTTY). BTL uses DSP techniques to give demodulation performance exceeding that of most analogue RTTY modems. BTL is FREE for amateur use.
(Updated 27.Aug.1997). (66K).
MixW Version 2.08 DEMO A true Multi-Mode Program for the serious Digital Communications Amateur. This version of MixW now supports 19 modes like SSB, CW, AM, RTTY, PSK31, PACTOR, AMTOR, FAX, SSTV and more. Upgrades are FREE For All Registered Users MixW version 2.08 is now a "Regular" release. The program, a full version will permit new users a 15 day "Trial" period. (1.9M).
PAMS/AMCS v.2.09: The PAMS/AMCS is a software system that runs under MS- DOS 3.x or higher on an IBM-XT or compatible computer on all TNCs. It provides an AMTOR terminal program and personal mailbox (MBO) system that is compatible with APLINK when configures as PAMS. PAMS/AMCS contains all of the required protocol to send and receive messages automatically between other PAMS/AMCS' and between PAMS and APLINK stations. It may be operated unattended to accept connections from other stations automatically.
(Updated 5.Dec.1992). (295K).
RadioRaft 3.21 RadioRaft is a multimode radio data decoder software, created by François Guillet, F6FLT. It allows decoding the most of data transmission modes used by many services.
To run RadioRaft you need at least a PC 486 or Pentium with a 3"5 floppy disk driver, MsDOS 6.2 or above, VGA screen, a COM port, a radio receiver and a simple interface connecting the speaker or audio output to the COM port. You don't need Windows. The RadioRaft functioning is full automatic. You just need to tune your receiver on a station using a compatible mode.
RadioRaft tracks the signal, search for the right mode, the right speed, the right shift and displays any possible text in just a few seconds.
(Updated 28.Oct.2001). (258K).
RCKRtty Version 2.21 RCKRtty is a comprehensive program for logging and administration of RTTY, PSK31, Pactor, Amtor and CW QSOs with simultaneous control of transceiver and real-time operation of packet radio. RCKRtty supports normal QSO operation and also features a full contest mode with several TNC types and PC-Soundcard.
(Updated 13.May.2003). (405K).
WinPSK 2.12 The original WinPSK designed and written for PSK31 by Moe Wheatley, AE4JY. Some bugs are fixed, good documentatinon and helpfiles for download as well. Win 95/98.
(Updated 27.Apr.2002). (686K).
WinPSKse 2.23 WinPSKse is a logical outgrowth of WinPSK as designed and written by Moe Wheatley, AE4JY. The look and feel is intentionally similar, but some significant changes have been made, not the least of which is the ability to receive two PSK31 signals simultaneously.
WinPSKse requires Windows 95,98, or NT 4.0 running on at least a 133MHz Pentium. It has been tried in a limited fashion on Windows 2000 and may work there. It might run on a 486DX but it has not been tried. It MUST have floating point capability. The screen resolution must be at least VGA 800x600.
(Updated 24.Apr.2001). (1M).

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