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People who donít like to believe the truth of the Bible assume a lot. They assume that someone has disproved the Bible. They assume that only closed- minded people would accept the Bible. And they assume that those who follow Jesus Christ do so without thinking. But youíll be shocked to find out which side is really closed-minded and ignorant of the facts. Over a century ago, it was assumed that with enough digging and research, the Bible would be disproved. The results of that movement are never talked about by skeptics. Archeology expert William Albright points out that the skepticism of the 18th and 19th centuries has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has verified the validity of the Bible as an accurate source of history. Those who tried to disprove the Bible have repeatedly failed. Yet, those who donít accept the Bible still consider their view more open-minded - despite their lack of evidence. To believe the Bible is neither closed minded or ignorant. Itís an intelligent conclusion based on irrefutable evidence.

Documentation from The Handwriting of God by Grant R. Jeffrey,
Thanks to Monumental Air Show.

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