Here is a directory of the web sites that I maintain.  I dabble in web design a little, so if you like my stuff, maybe I can help you start your page.  In any case, thanks for stopping in my little space here.  - Frank Billington IV

Farley's Page
Dedicated to my 1979 Dodge Diplomat named Farley, and featuring extensive information and history on the Chrysler "M" Body Style which includes the Diplomat as well as the Plymouth Gran Fury (Caravelle in Canada), and Chrysler LeBaron/New Yorker/Fifth Avenue.  This was my first site, and it has truly gone bananas in its scope, as it was originally only intended to be a small shrine to my own car.  80,000+ hits and counting...

Twin Cities Metro Fire Directory
When I first moved to the Minneapolis / St Paul area I found it pretty challenging to peruse all of the fire departments in the area to see what kind of opportunities existed.  Ultimately I didn't rejoin a department, but I did build this site to help others in the same pickle.

Nowcasting Pages by KCNGS
I am a storm chaser, and I created these no-frills pages for use by myself and others involved in Skywarn and storm spotting/chasing, for use remotely or at home/office, to track storm activity and do short-term forecasting ("nowcasting").  Storm chasing should only be attempted by professional, trained personnel!

The Pit Crew Online
A reunion site for my unique group of friends from Foss High School in Tacoma, Washington.

A home page for anyone named Billington, started on a whim between me and my dad.  If you're named Billington, check it out and be part of it as it grows.

Stone of Sisyphus MP3
A download site for all complete tracks from the unreleased Chicago album entitled "Stone of Sisyphus".  It is particularly discouraging that almost ten years after they recorded one of their best albums ever, it has still not seen the light of music store shelves, and probably never will.

Frank's Incredibly Useful Pages
There's a few of these kinds of things out there.  But this page is mainly for me for the things I use frequently.  Nothing to stop you from using it, though.

Billington Family Photos
A page without any external links to it other than from this page.  This has many family photos and generally serves as a posting place for other members of my far-flung family to conveniently view photos so that I don't have to get and mail around twenty duplicates all of the time.


Sites I built but no longer administer:

Open Access Technology International
The home page of my employer.

While the City Sleeps . . . (Links)
The most comprehensive and complete list of links concerning the rock group Chicago, which has been selling out concerts and making the best music for over 3 decades.

The Arrowhead Chorale
A choral singing group of which I am a former member.  They do four concerts a year, about four performances per concert, appearing throughout the Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin area.

A free directory resource for locating Church of Christ Youth Rallies in the U.S. and abroad.  I founded this website, but it is now maintained and operated by the Church of Christ HomeSite.

Twin Ports Churches of Christ
The combined home pages of Lake Superior (Superior, WI), East Duluth and Esko (both MN) Churches of Christ.
The home page for Eau Claire (WI) Church of Christ.  My only web page built for hire to date.  It isn't filled with flash and pomp, but cleanly and simply put together with a touch of parchment and dignity, to the specs requested by those who asked me to put it together.


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