My name is Frank Billington IV, and you've found the not entirely exciting but definitely unique place on the web for the Billington surname.  This site resulted from a short email exchange with my father, also named Frank (he's the IIIrd and I'm the IVth).  Initially it was just for our family, but I won't limit it to that.  Anyone named Billington (or related to one) who wants to submit some information (photos, contact info, favorite places to eat, whatever) is welcome to a page here at  If you have your own site, we'll gladly link to it.

Get your free email!  Open to people named Billington, people related to people who are named Billington, and people who just generally look favorably upon people named Billington.  Send an email to admin[at] and specify your requested handle, and the destination you would like the email redirected to.  Check the Directory to see that your desired handle isn't taken.

Not much flash or exciting stuff here, but what do you want for fifteen minutes of work including site construction, posting and domain registration?  Give us some time and things will be considerably more interesting.

Stay tuned..... we're just getting started here!

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