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A detailing of the model codes for the VHF, UHF and 800Mcs MaxTrac Radios.

Intro to the MaxTrac, MaxTrac 50, MaxTrac 100, MaxTrac 300, Radius M100, M214, M216, and GM-300 mobiles

A step-by-step procedure that will upgrade any MaxTrac to 16 or 32 channels (depending on the logic board), with options like scan.

This article goes with the "Upgrading" article above. It has additional notes including a procedure for converting a trunking logic board to conventional.

A step-by-step procedure that makes a UHF MaxTrac a lot more useful on 440-450 Mcs.

Information on connections to radios with both 16-pin and 5-pin logic boards.

Another great page for repeater interfacing to the MaxTracs.

This is how I created an interfacing between repeaters/radios to DMK Engineering's USB to Radio Interface Controller to the PC running Asterisk.

This document shows how to make the conversions from 136 to 174 MaxTracs to 218 to 225 Mcs. Band.

This will show how to interface and power a TT3 from the mic jack of a 5 pin Maxtrac or the rear of a 16 pin Maxtrac

A detailed explanation of the accessory connector of the MaxTrac 300, Radius and the GM300 Mobil Radios.